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Vault Dweller M and F

CyberX brings us Vault Dweller M and F (though there only seems to be a male version). Vault Dweller Male is based on the Jedi model and is...


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File Description

CyberX brings us Vault Dweller M and F (though there only seems to be a male version). Vault Dweller Male is based on the Jedi model and is almost all blue with some yellow trim and the number 13 on his back. Red team is all red with yellow trim, default and blue skin are the same.

To be totally honest I think this skin isn’t to good and is not worth the download. The face and head have been smudged or distorted and do not look right. I was little upset I guess because the icon was so cool looking and the skin is so plain. No new sounds or bot support were added, hopefully we can expect an update with both M&F versions and the extras that were left out.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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== File Info ====================================================================

Title                   : Vault Dweller M and F
Filename                : cx_vault_dweller.pk3 & cx_vault_dweller_female.pk3
Author                  : CyberX
E-Mail Address          : fjk2@interia.pl
Website                 : My JK2 skin page ()incomplete - 

Description		: This is one of my projects - Fallout in Jedi Knight 2. I want to make all sort of skins, cuz i'm 			  	  not a good modeler :P. I used some textures i didn't make and i think it came out well....

This is a reskin of Jedi Knight's basic models (Jedi and Jan)

Programs used           : Adobe Photoshop 5, Paint, Notepad

Thanks to               : LucasArts and Raven for this excellent game!!!!!!!!!!

* Installation *

Unzip the file "cx_vault_dweller.pk3 & cx_vault_dweller_female.pk3" into the GameData\Base\ directory of wherever you installed Jedi Outcast. Then go into the game and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu.


!!! Important !!!

!!If you had the Vault Dweller skinpack in the previous version delete it!!


* Changes in 1.2 *

- added team colours
- added new menu music


* Coming next *

- Fallouts Power Armour

If you have ANY Fallouts skin request send it to me (it would be good if you attach a screen of 
it, or some artwork) by e-mail to fjk2@interia.pl


Feel free to distribute this skin in any format but you MUST include this file. If you wish to include it in a skinpack or a level, that's fine, but please drop me a note & let me know what the skinpack is and where it's being hosted.


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