War Like CTF Flags

war_ctf_flags.zip —


make the flags look more like they have been through a few battles, with some tears and scorching. Overall they look cool, though my only complaint is that the colours of the flags do not match the colours of the team bases ingame. The Imperial flag should be red and the Rebel flag blue, but these are the other way around. To be honest, I don't know why they made the Imperial team colour red and the Rebels blue when they made the game, since red is more of a Rebel colour, and blue more of an Imperial colour. I guess you could say that the colours of these flags are more in tune with each team, but it is a little distracting when your teams flag is not the same colour as your team. But that's just my opinion!Give this a download if you fancy using some new CTF flags! :)~Nozyspy~


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