Waste Disposal Unit 5A

Blood Asp brings us his latest map called Waste Disposal Unit 5A. The best way to describe this map is a sadistic death match. Waste Disposa...


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Blood Asp brings us his latest map called Waste Disposal Unit 5A. The best way to describe this map is a sadistic death match. Waste Disposal Unit 5A should suit anyone’s need for eight player FFA fest; the map is small but great. The map is laced with plenty of traps and packed with tons of ammo. There are some cool blue portals, which push you up you next tier above you kind of like a trampoline.

This map rocks if you are into using guns and like inflicting pain. The author added bot support but says it’s not perfect, I wouldn’t use a bot on this map it’s just a tad to small and if your bots like the {IcoP} bot you would get slaughtered. This map is for all you fast paced havoc causing Sith (maybe some Jedi) so get downloading rack up some kills. Just wish it had some cools music.

Keep up the good work and keep mapping.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Some New Sounds: No Game Modes: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'wdu5a.zip' (3.99MB)

Map Name                : Waste Disposal Unit 5A
Author                  : Blood Asp	
Email Address           : rjc131s@smsu.edu
Website URL             : 
Map description         : Waste Disposal Unit 5A is a small death match for 2-8 people set in a trap-infested arena.  Both FFA and Team FFA modes are supported.  Bot support has been added, but is somewhat unpredictable due to the complex nature of the map.  Force powers are also not recommended due to the map's complexity. 

Other info              : This map was started jokingly from a sadistic idea of mine, and blossomed into this unusual result.  It is a bit frustrating to navigate at first, but the potential for trick shots and kills abound.  I hope that you enjoy playing this as much as I do.

Additional Credits to   : Sock for his texture pack, tp-tech10.  You can download it from The Bighouse -- http://www.planetquake.com/bighouse/textures.asp

Thanks to               : Jim7 for the level name, Cazor for being my main testing whore (he's a good guy, really), Saberopus for pointing out the obvious (since I overlooked it), and everyone in the Massassi Temple Forums for the feedback -- http://forums.massassi.net/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi

Big thanks to Ghost of Yoda for uploading this for me since my mail server is being stupid.
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : NO
New Skins               :  NO
New Objects             : NO

* Construction *
Brush Count             : 1272 Brushes
Vert Count              : ???  I don't know, and why is this relevant when it isn't a model?
Entity Count            : 260 Entities
Base info               :  It's all natural, baby.  
Software used           : GTKRadiant 1.2.11
Known Bugs              : The bots aren't perfect.  I don't see why you'd want to play against AI in this map, so I just threw some in for the hell of it.
Build Time              : 3 weeks, give or take a couple days.

* How to use this map *

Place wdu5a.pk3 into your \base directory.

* Copyright / Permissions *


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