Well I think the best way to describe this skin would be… interesting. Water (the skin), is what it sounds like, it’s a skin that’s covered...


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Well I think the best way to describe this skin would be… interesting. Water (the skin), is what it sounds like, it’s a skin that’s covered completely in one texture… water. Amazing eh? Water has two colors, blue (as the default and blue team skins) and a brownish orange that is rather unpleasant for the red. Although I find this skin very artistic in some respects and amusing in some others, I don’t really see much work here either way. All I really see is one water texture flowing around his body, very much like… water. I guess that’s what the author wanted, but it really doesn’t look very good to me. I really don’t like writing bad reviews, so instead of doing so I’m going to give a little hint to all of you skinners out their. If you’re going to make a skin, that’s all the same texture, and everything is going to focus around that one texture, then you had better make sure that texture matches up perfectly with itself, and it better be the coolest texture I have ever seen. In the case of this skin, it’s not either, it doesn’t seem match up well, and IMO it really does fit on the skin well, it just looks like a blue moving prisoner model. I guess some people like skins that are odd like this one, even if they aren’t very clear, or they don’t have a lot of effort showing, but personally I don’t. I think the only redeeming quality is a new taunt, and bot support, but that doesn’t make up for the skin itself. To put it simply, Water (the skin!!) doesn’t float my boat. Still, don’t give up, I’ve seen skins that are allot worse, all I’m saying is maybe try something a little easier to portray next time. 6.5/10 ~DeathBringer

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes (Default is same as blue) New Sounds: Yes (taunt)

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Download 'water_folder.zip' (375KB)


>>>Version 1.0<<<

Creator: mjlaipunkrock

Install: drag the "water.pk3" file into the base folder in jk2

Info: 	This is the fourth skin i've created. I've always wanted to have a skin that could move but 	i never knew what graphics i should use. i thought a waterfall sort of thing would be kinda 	cool so i just made this skin. the whole skin as a moving waterfall in the shape of a 	person. the bot is really good too. My best skin yet (oun opinion).  a new version will come out with a 	stationary face and new sounds asap.

Botfiles: yes
Team colors: yes
New sounds: no (if someone can help me to make a taunt usable please email me)

Comments: [email protected]

Website: ca.geocities.com/trekie_j

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