WLS: CTF Map Pack

A map pack of 4 CTF maps created by the WLS team. The maps are pretty large and have pretty cool layouts too. Each map has it's own atmosphe...


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A map pack of 4 CTF maps created by the WLS team. The maps are pretty large and have pretty cool layouts too. Each map has it's own atmosphere and have some neat effects :D. 5950a.jpg CTF_WLS1 by Jesterspaz CTF_WLS1 has got multiple ways to go form one base to another and definitely is my fav ;). 5950b.jpg CTF_WLS2 by Takimoto CTF_WLS 2 takes place on planet side, half of the map is above the ground while the rest is underground. The two places are interconnected by two transporters in each base. This one is fairly open then the rest too. 5950c.jpg CTF_WLS3 by Dubbilan CTF_WLS 3 is just green :p. Actually this one has a medeival-ish effect to it, stone walls, though there are curves and some cool architecture. There are also these green light tube things which look cool ;) 5950d.jpg CTF_WLS4 by Expandable CTF_WLS 4 is kinda like an Imperial theme to it. This one feels like some abandoned station but it's still alive with sounds and hums from the machines ;)... this map is also pretty big and many passages and such to get around.

Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Game Types: CTF, CTY [some maps support FFA, TFFA and JediMaster]

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Download 'wls_ctf.zip' (13.99MB)

------------File Information------------------------------------------ 23/Jun/2002 --------- 
 Title                   : WLS: CTF Mappack
 Game                    : Jedi Knight 2: jedi Outcast
 Filename                : ctf_wls1.pk3 ctf_wls2.pk3 ctf_wls3.pk3 ctf_wls4.pk3
 Author                  : Wired Lamp Studios

 Homepage                : http://www.wiredlampstudios.com
 Email Address           : [email protected]

 Description             : CTF Mappack for JK2

Project Lead : UniKorn
CTF_WLS1 : Jesterspaz
CTF_WLS2 : Takimoto
CTF_WLS3 : Dubbilan
CTF_WLS4 : Expandable


------------Play Information ---------
 Player Base                : CTF, CTY, FFA, Team
 Possible Number of Players : 2-16
Copyright (c) 2002 Wired Lamp studios : http://www.wiredlampstudios.com
All rights reserved

Feel free to distribute this file in any electronic form, as long as proper
credit is given and the contents remains unaltered, and this text file has 
not been edited in any way. Make sure you inform us when you plan to add it to
a cd of a magazine. You may not alter, edit or use the map as a base to build 
additional levels. This file may not be commercially exploited in any way.
feedback or comments, email : [email protected]

We included Expandable's mapfile in the zip to help you with mapping. However, do not copy
any of his stuff, just use it to learn more. 

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