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There's actually three wrestling arenas in this map, although two of them are pretty much the same, except in different colours. (Red and Bl...


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There's actually three wrestling arenas in this map, although two of them are pretty much the same, except in different colors. (Red and Blue) The front-stand looking bits with the flares are pretty nice, but the rings themselves look very sharp, especially those ropes! The lighting is very stark in these two areas, its either all red or all blue, and the boxing ring is surrounded by a huge dark, empytness - where are all the spectator stands?! Anyway, the final ring is (although still not lit well) by far the easiest on the eyes, and has a cross shaped podium in it - oh and this time the ropes are made of square lava ;) Being for JK2, it probably won't find a huge audience, but you never know :)

There's not much else in this map, except for large grey rooms before each of the rings, oh, and a raised block which turns out to be a teleporter. It looks very much like a first map, although I'm not sure on this, and it is quite basic, especially eh limited sky which is just er, grey lol. No bot support is another negative as well :(

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download 'wrestling_arena.zip' (8.43MB)

Author: D'Sparil aka <=[DotF]=>D'Sparil
E-mail: D'Sparil316@hotmail.com

installation instructions: if u dunno this by NOW....dont bother downloading it!!! but if you MUST know, just like....throw the .pk3 in your base folder and play
Developed by D'Sparil

Thanks to Kirbot and Skateboard Freak for helping me get the music to work, 
Thanks to MoJo and ~Paladin~Jules for making servers to test the map on, and thanks to them, and [Recon]Jdog for helping me test the map.
Some textures were used from the ffa_tmbj map. 
The music playing is Dimmu Borgir - Puritania

bugs: Seems like some of the metalic floors (the stairs leading to the rings, the room you spawn into after entering one of the teleports that lead to one of the rings have a splashing sound. 
If you find any that i've missed, let me know at D'Sparil316@hotmail.com

Notes: I always wanted to make this map. 
I used to have a wrestling clan called [SWW] and this was the map i always visioned. 
I guess i visioned it being a little better but i think it's good enough. 
The clan would meet on certain days of the week. 
The red ring was for one day, the blue for another, and the last map was more for "Pay Per Views" 
The 3rd room is actually the area you fight the real D'Sparil in another game. It's close anyway

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