Xev (season 2, 3, and 4 of LEXX)

Before writing this review, I did a little bit of research on the character Xev Bellringer of the Sci-Fi show LEXX. I checked out numerous p...


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File Description

Before writing this review, I did a little bit of research on the character Xev Bellringer of the Sci-Fi show LEXX. I checked out numerous pictures of the actress in and out of character and I have determined that this, indeed, is an amazing model. (Yes, her lips really ARE that big!) There are too few female models made for JKII, so every one that is made just means that us JKII chicks have more options! YAY!

Flamegrape shared with us his BETA version of Xev and even then we were impressed. This, now his final version, he has fixed a few things here and there and made more skins for her and a few versions of her with different hairstyles. Of course there's bot support and team colors. And there are many, many different taunts to choose from. :) I'd love to see what skins will be made for this model. Great job Flamegrape - I anticipate your next work of art. :D

Bot Support: Yes. Team Colors: Yes. New Sounds: Yes.


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Title:			Xev (season 2, 3, and 4 of LEXX)
Author:			M.gunnerQuist (a.k.a. "Flamegrape")
E-Mail:			flamegrape@hotmail.com
Website: 		http://www.flamegrape.com

File Name: 		jk2mdl_fg_xev.zip
File Size: 		2.37MB
Date Released:		3 December 2002


Xev is one of the main characters of the television space-fantasy show,
LEXX. Xev Bellringer is from the planet B3K of the League of 20,000 planets
located in the Light Zone. When she was transformed into a loveslave, a
brain-eating clusterlizard became mixed with her DNA.
She is beautiful as well as fierce!

More info:

The accounting of the polygons and vertices is somewhat complex for this
model. First of all, there are four levels of detal (LODs). Also, there are
three general versions of the Xev model: one representing her costume as
seen during season two, one for season three, and one for the fourth season.
Since all three versions mostly use the same parts, in each case some parts
are hidden while others are visible. This also permits greater variations
for skins. (See "Secret Skins," below.)

- Poly count:	2581 <<<=======
- Vert count:	1562
Xev2 (LOD1):
- Poly count:	1626
- Vert count:	1035
Xev2 (LOD2):
- Poly count:	769
- Vert count:	529
Xev2 (LOD3):
- Poly count:	353
- Vert count:	286

- Poly count:	2623 <<<=======
- Vert count:	1600
Xev3 (LOD1):
- Poly count:	1655
- Vert count:	1059
Xev3 (LOD2):
- Poly count:	776
- Vert count:	540
Xev3 (LOD3):
- Poly count:	352
- Vert count:	292

- Poly count:	2719 <<<=======
- Vert count:	1652
Xev4 (LOD1):
- Poly count:	1726
- Vert count:	1093
Xev4 (LOD1):
- Poly count:	811
- Vert count:	557
Xev4 (LOD1):
- Poly count:	368
- Vert count:	300

- Skins:	5 skin images (arms/hands, hips/legs, rubber parts,
                face, hair) of different resolutions.
- CFT skins:	Red & blue included.
- Other skins:  &quot;Divine Assassin&quot; version included.
- Sounds:	Sounds taken from LEXX television show, and &quot;Lucy&quot; from
		Quake III Arena. 
- Bot support:	Included for Xev2, Xev3, Xev4, and DivineAssassinXev
- Known Bugs:	Some parts of the texuring may be incorrect.
		A second version of this model may be released.
		If you find a bug, email flamegrape@hotmail.com.
- Tools used:	3D Studio Max 4.2, Adobe Photoshop 6.0, CoolEdit Pro 1.1,
                Assimilate, Modview.


The LEXX fans at Lexx.Com, Lexxians.Net, and SadGeezer.Com.

Tim &quot;Spacemonkey&quot; Appleby for his tutorial.

Thanks to the folks at Polycount, FileFreak Forums, and LucasForums.

Special thanks to Michael Frost for helping me fix &quot;broken&quot; meshes.

Absolutely no thanks whatsoever to the moderators of LucasForums for
deactivating the search function and crippling my efforts to research
technical help! They can eat hot death on toast!


Extract the fg_xev.pk3 file into the jk2/gamedata/base/ directory.

If you want Xev to be sized properly in the game, it is highly recommended
that you download JediPlus, a modifications that permits the re-sizing of
character models. (The need for re-scaling models became apparent when a
Yoda model was produced.) As of this writing, none of the mods support this
Xev model. However, implementing a new scale size for Xev is easy. Look for
a file named &quot;tckmodel.cfg&quot; in the \GameData\jediplus folder and add the
following lines:

&quot;xev2&quot; 0.88 1.0
&quot;xev3&quot; 0.88 1.0
&quot;xev4&quot; 0.88 1.0

(It is assumed that Kyle is 6' tall and that Xev is 5'4&quot;.)


There are three main models included with this pack. There is Xev2, which is
a model of Xev from the second season of Lexx. There is Xev3, which is a
model of Xev from the third season of Lexx. Then there is Xev4, which is a
model of Xev from the fourth season of Lexx. Each of these three main models
includes red and blue team variations.

There is also a variation of Xev2, the season 2 model, called &quot;Divine
Assassin Xev.&quot; Although Xev never became a divine assassin, it was thought
that this skin variation would look cool.


All of the variations of Xev mentioned above are selectable from the menus
within the game. However, there are a few other &quot;secret skins&quot; that are only
available by entering special commands in the console. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL
OF THESE COMMANDS ARE VERY SIMILAR! So don't get them mixed up! Also, be
sure to press the TAB key after the model change is made.

Xev, season 2/3: This version of Xev was never seen on the television show
itself. However, publicity photos of that character were made prior to the
beginning of the filming of the third season. In these photos, Xev can be
seen wearing here red hair seen in season two with the costume that was used
in season three. To use this model, type the following command in the
model xev3/default_x23

Xev, season 3/2: This version of Xev was seen for only a few minutes on the
television show. In this version, she has her long hair that is seen
throughout season three, but she is still wearing the costume as it was seen
during season two. (When she is revived from cryosleep on the planet Fire,
she has newly-grown hair and later strips off parts of her costume because
of the intense heat on that planet.) To use this model, type the following
command in the console:
model xev3/default_x32

Xev, season 4/2: This version of Xev was never seen on the show, but looks
kind of cool. It's just Xev with her season four hairstyle and her season
two costume. To use this model, type the following command in the console:
model xev4/default_x42

Hilda Humphrey: This is just Xev as seen in season four but using the
&quot;divine assassin&quot; colors on her costume. This variation somewhat resembles
Xenia Seeberg (the actress who performed Xev) in her role as Hilda Humphrey
in the short film, &quot;Hellchild.&quot; To use this model, type the
following command in the console:
model xev4/default_hilda




The LEXX names, characters and everything else associated with the series
are the property of SALTER STREET FILMS & TiMe Film-und TV-Produktions GmbH
in association with Screen Partners.  All rights reserved.

LEXX, the series, concepts, and characters are the property, copyright and
trademark of Alliance Atlantis and Salter Street Films. No ownership or
claim on said property, copyright or trademark is made or implied by the
use in this work. This work constitutes a personal comment on the aforesaid
properties pursuant to doctrines of fair use and fair comment. This work is
non-commercial, not for profit or sale, and may not be sold or reproduced
for commercial purposes. Nor may this particular item be re-sold anywhere
lest the Salter Street Lawyers rise in fury and smite thee down.



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