Latest version of the Great X-MOD! This mod has a history of being innovative, and the creator is generous, sharing his code with other mods...


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Latest version of the Great X-MOD! This mod has a history of being innovative, and the creator is generous, sharing his code with other mods before! Clearly X-Mod is moving up and out of control.

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      xMod v1.2.0

Title			: xMod v1.2.0

Author			: =X=Master HeX

Website			: http://xmod.cat5camp.com

E-Mail			: [email protected]

File Name		: xmod1.2.0.zip

Date Released		: 2/5/2003

Description		: This is version 1.2.0 of xMod.

     xMod was developed to repair certain bugs and annoyances in Jedi Knight.  In the process
we have created a collection of admin commands to make your life easier as an administrator.  
I have also included new features that our clan has requested to aid us in practice, tryouts, 
and matches.

== v1.2.0 ==
- x_clist now supports single or multi-user listing (ex. x_clist hex wind to list =X=Master HeX and =X=Windninja)
- Spam protection now prevents players from saying the same thing over and over
- Name spam protection introduced only allowing a name change so many times
- Script detection client introduced
- Server features introduced to make the detection required/optional
- New script protect will kick/log or just log scripters
- Detection of Kick, Lunge, DFA, Pull/Throw, and Quick Tap scripts
- IP banning moved to it's own file creating more slots for more addresses
- Mute by IP now added and moved to it's own file
- The profanity filter list was moved to it's own file opening up more space for filters
- 28 new emotes moved or added to the new /emote command
- New emote enable/disable system introduced (g_emotes)
- .fix file format updated to be easier to read
- Admins are alerted about scripters if they are running irctool

== v1.1.5 ==
- Repaired private messages via /name bugs causing weird text to be sent
- Fixed glitches in duel victories
- Added logging to /name private say messages (like regular private says)
- Repaired x_randteam to work the way it was supposed to
- Added a feature to mute ALL public chat
- Added a new cvar that changes what a word is replaced with when found to be a profanity
- Made saber drop once again when the saber bug fix is active
- Spectators can now see the motd when they would like
- Changed the format that fix files are written in (old format still supported)
- Other minor bug fixes and code tweaks

== v1.1.0 ==
- Client number AND name matching for all admin commands (ie. x_cfreeze =x=mast) 
- gc auth subadminpassword to give players access to the subadmin commands (ie. sc freeze bob) 
- Ability to enable and disable all sub admin commands individually via a single variable 
- A new fancy death animation for getting kicked in the face (victim does a back flip) 
- Ability to turn off the 'look at attacker upon death' function currently in the game. 
- Team join quotes (placed in a file called authquotes.txt) say a quote for either authed people or just everyone when they join a team other then spectator 
- Bug fixes for x_clist to crop long names and send more then one client at a time to prevent loss of data. 
- Client's IP now stays in x_clist when the map changes 
- Repaired a bug in x_cmute to keep the player muted even when they die 
- Introduced zone files and the ability to display your text location, which can be defined by the server admin, in teamsay (ala RTCW - (=X=Master HeX): (bridge) I need help!) 
- Added the ability to use #loc or #location as quick chat replacements if the server allows it. 
- You may now set the ammount of duels allowed on the server at once (-1 for unlimited)
- Duels may now take place in team games.  Flagcarriers can not duel unless the teams are tied (then they can duel each other)
- You may set the ammount of health duelers start with as well as the health award they get if they win
- Ability to divide kick damage
- Now able to change the damage a thrown saber does
- IPs are now logged in the log file
- Captures and returns are now listed in the log file for xAdminBot
- Ability to page admins if xAdminBot is running on your server
- You may now set the ammount of time the MOTD is displayed centerscreen
- x_csay has been changed to use x_csay <seconds to display msg> <message>
- We've included a dummy.pk3 to allow the mod to show up inside the mod's menu
- New rcon command to change a person's name
- Rcon command to speak to a certain team
- New duel cvars to allow duels in team modes (between flag carriers when teams are tied)
- New duel cvars to allow a certain number of duels at once
- Rcon command to randomize the current teams
- Added rcon feature to change people's names
- MOTD only shows the first time someone connects and joins a team
- Ability to change the damage kick and saber throw do
- Log file additions to support xAdminBot (an IRC server tool for linux)
- New addition of the saber spin taunt emote

== v1.0.0 ==

- Invisable saber bug fix
- Saber throw & pull/push bug fix
- Name color error fixes
- Level error fixing using inviso walls
- Ways to deal with player suicide (including kill awarded to attacker)
- Team locking
- Auto team placement (gc auth password) - for your clan vs. all
- New admin functions including mute, freeze, sleep, teleport, kick w/reason, quiet kick, and more...
- Profanity Filter
- And a bunch of other stuff listed on our webpage


Simply extract the x-server directory from our ZIP or RAR archive into your GameData directory. 
(ex. C:\Program Files\jk2\GameData\) 

If you are running a dedicated server add +set fs_game x-server to the shorcut to run the server. 
If you would like to simply run the mod in game select it under options\mods.

I have included a simple config file in the x-server folder

NOTE :: The server files are not included in a pk3 file to prevent a file download requirement

For any other help visit our webpage...


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