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***WARNING*** This map contains some strobing coloured lights, please use caution if you are sensitive to such.

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***WARNING*** This map contains some strobing coloured lights, please use caution if you are sensitive to such.

Jedi Outcast is an old game now, it’s old enough to have got its bus pass anyway! So it is always both amazing and encouraging to see clan maps like this for JK2, as it shows that not only do people still play the game and make maps for it, but there are also still active clans around too, which I think is great!

This clan map has all the main areas that you would expect a clan map to have, plus some more unusual areas that I will come to later. There is a bar (complete with a killer surprise in the toilet – quite literally!), a hotel like building full of bedrooms, a gun battle area and a huge tower with the clan ‘council’ area at the summit. Now, onto some of the more unusual features; these include a ‘slippery tunnel’ ride that goes from the top of the huge tower all the way down to the bottom, which was rather fun. ;) Also featuring is a disco area complete with flashing multicoloured lights and a small secret battle area which the sign near it says is the JK2 version of Halo’s Blood Gulch. There is also a small Cinema! Though unfortunately there isn’t actually a movie playing. :'(

That’s not all, also in the map is a huge outside area, complete with a couple of lakes, trees, and a tram that goes straight from one end to the other. There is also another fairground type ride here in a large building at one end. You go up to the top and jump down the chute and it’s like a roller coaster all the way down! I even discovered (using noclip) another tram type area, which I presume is one of the secrets. Press the use button on the control panel in the control cabin of the tram and it creates a great effect where the stars are streaming pass the windows. Kinda like it does when a ship goes to Warp Speed in Star Trek.

So then, there is a lot to see and do here, but there are a fair few things I feel could do with some extra work. One issue which will be a problem for people who may want to use this map on their servers is that it is a clan map, which means of course there are a lot of clan logo’s spread around the map. These include a rather amusing poster on which Devastation says to join the (>XT<) Clan ‘or else…’ hehe.

An unusual issue that may be a problem if you want to start the map up with cheats enabled is that the map name is not straightforward. Unlike what you would think, the command isn’t devmap xtclanmapv3, but rather devmap ^4XT^1ClanMap^3V3. This is because the author has used the colour codes in the maps .bsp name, so it shows up with colours ingame on the loading screen. Though the effect looks cool ingame, this does make it difficult if you want to use the devmap command to start the map up with cheats enabled.

Other than that, I feel that the map could do with some more polish, filling in a few gaps here and there, working on making the architecture better and such and generally just adding more detail.

However though this is a cool map for a clan to use I think, and I look forward to seeing the next map that the author makes. Keep up the good work mate! :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'xt_clan_map_v3.zip' (15.44MB)

(>XT<)Clan Map V3.0

AUTHOR: MutantRuki

E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: ^4XT^1ClanMap^3V3.pk3

CREDITS: Silverfang, Devastation, Crazdave, and all (>XT<)&apos;s

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract files to lucasarts/JediKnights: Jedi Outcast/Gamedata/base 

DESCRIPTION: My release of the (>XT<) clan map which everyone that I know of has been dieing for is finnally here.
This new version of the (>XT<) Clan map&apos;s is much diffrent then the others and has way more features, so enjoy.

BUGS: None Known

New Textures: yes
New Music: yes
Game modes: FFA and Team FFA


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