Yamakazi Reborn

Aside from a catchy name (let's face it, just thinking about the word "Yamazaki" makes you want to start getting jiggy), Yamazaki is an o...


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Aside from a catchy name (let's face it, just thinking about the word "Yamazaki" makes you want to start getting jiggy), Yamazaki is an otherwise very basic reborn skin. No, unlike my compatriots (and I mean this in the nicest way), I have no real aversion to reborn skins. This may be because the skin I use in-game (a personal skin, not available on JK2Files.com, so don't ask) is also a reborn skin. Whatever the case, they've never been a big deal for me, just another base model for skinning. Anyways, the way I see it, there are two things going for this download:

1) It's not JUST a recoloration, and 2) It's got a catchy name.

Yes, I mentioned number two earlier. Shut up, lists are stupid with just one bullet point.

At any rate, as numero uno states, it's not JUST a recoloration. Sprayed across the back, albeit a little haphazardly, is a massive biohazard sign that's colored a curious violet, while the arms and legs are arrayed with a black line design. This is, of course, the major issue (note my tasteful lack of using the word "problem") with the submission. The pattern or design or whatever you want to call it is an MS Paint creation; the line tool was used to draw these thick black marks, and the marks are recolored for the team skins. Now, not to be bitter, but sometimes, line designs just don't cut it. At the very least, try and make the ends of each line connect; in these patters, the endpoints of each line don't always match up. The end result is a look and feel of a quick and haphazard piece of proprietary imagework thrown on to stave off "it's just a recolor!" comments.

The bottom line: I'm actually a little partial to the white of the skin, I'll admit, but such skins have been done better before. The line design is a poor excuse for originality, but at least it's something. I'd advise the author to work harder next time at making things match up right and trying to clear out the "I did this is ten minutes" feel. As for the public? If you do download this, it won't be staying too long on your hard drive.

Bot Support: NO New Sounds: NO Team Colors: YES

- Dan "ViperEye" Tennant

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Download 'yamakazi.zip' (2.3MB)

== File Info 

Title                         : Yamakazi Reborn
Filename                      : yamakazi.pk3
Author                        : [JHC]KenjiKaruma
E-Mail Address                : mr_scorpiran@hotmail.com

Description                   : a redone reborn with Yamakazi theme, 
Yamakazi isnt a famous of anyway just me that likes the name, Reelo sounds, 
CTF suport, No bot suport.

You're welcome to make different versions of it as long as it's good and you 
notifie me at my mail

- Installation -
unzip the "yamakazi.pk3" into the GameData/Base directory of where ever you 
installed Jedi Knight 2. Then go into the game and select the skin from the 
Player Setup Menu.

Speciall thanks to Dominator / Dominator(APP) for helping me with the skin, 
It's my first so, Hehe



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