Yavin Swamp - Duel

Using some of the same things you see in SP, this map is like Yavin swamp from Single player. Fairly open, though shrouded in fog, there are...


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File Description

Using some of the same things you see in SP, this map is like Yavin swamp from Single player. Fairly open, though shrouded in fog, there are a few remains of buildings still surviving. There is a little tower thing in the corner and a small pool of water covering about half the map.

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-==Yavin Swamp - Duel - by oE|CyberGeek==-

I. Introduction
II. Installation
III. Special Thanks
IV. Standard Legal Stuff

-==I. Introduction==-

	Thank you for downloading Yavin Swamp - Duel.  This map brings my total released maps up to 14 (really probably shouldn't be keeping track, it's kind of rude, I think ^_^.)  I made this map in order to: 

(A) Try to show the JKII community that I'm not a terrible mapper (an impression many people might have gotten after the messes that were duel_wls6 and duel_wls7.)

(B) More importantly, get myself familiar with setting up a level in the style of Raven's SP level Yavin Swamps.  After this I'll be making a FFA map in the same style (my first FFA! Yay!)

-==II. Installation==-

Plunk the .pk3 file in your GameData/Base folder, run JKIIMP, enjoy ^_^.

-==III. Special Thanks==-

I would like to thank my family for... well... being a kind, caring family ^_^, my friends for being my friends (this is getting slightly predictable,) my dog for entertaining me with her apparant lack of any intelligent thought processes, my clan for helping me test the level, Wired Lamp Studios for being a cool mod group, and finally my English teacher for teaching me the evils of a long, run-on sentance; thanks to her I now keep my Special Thanks sections divided into several sentances rather than one long sentance because my English teacher taught me that they were bad and so I now make them several sentances ^_^.

-==IV. Standard Legal Stuff=-

I will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data as a result of the installation or use of the files located in this zip file. This map MAY NOT be decompiled and used as a base map for any other creation without the written consent of the original author (Donald E. Hays,) nor shall any part of this zip be used for commercial gain. If you wish to distribute this map it must contain ALL the original files that were present during the initial download, and must not be altered in any way, shape or form. It may be distributed in any form other than normal snail mail.


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