Young Kyle



skin, which has given Kyle a bit of a makeover with the anti-wrinkle cream and 'just for men', smoothing out those wrinkles and getting rid of those grey bits!Apart from his new more youthful appearance, his clothes have also been adjusted and re-coloured and he now sports the same top as the Jedi Trainer skin with those tassels/embroidery. Though others may disagree, I personally I think the Jedi Trainers top looks pretty good on Kyle, especially with the younger face, the two just seem to fit together. Unfortunately though there are no team skins, which is a shame, but that's something that can always be added for v2! Other than that I think maybe his hair should be more of a brown colour to fit with the younger versions of him in the older Dark Forces games.All in all a good little reskin here, but it does need a bit more polish. Give it a download if you like the look of it! :)New Sounds: NoBot Support:NoTeam Support: No~Nozyspy~


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