Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy

The highly acclaimed Jedi Knight™ series returns as you follow the path of a new student at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy. Construct your own lightsaber, customize your character and follow an ancient...

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Griffinclaw's Jedi Council 2.0 32.11MB 53
Star Wars Jedi Academy Mod - Stargate: Event Horizon v1.0 728.5MB 185
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Mod - For the Republic v1.1 1010B 363
Ultimate Academy v1.0 90.24MB 2,772
SoL_Skin_Pack 181.91MB 331
WARMOD LITE (Beta) 110.14MB 155
KOD Goodies 16.67MB 33
Neo Dark Ages version a3.16 298.9MB 574
ForceMod III CE v1,5 430.56MB 2,173
Lightsaber Cursor for Academy 166KB 277
KOD Goodies 16.6MB 37
FM3CE13A 178.42MB 889
FM3CEXP13BetaC 368.79MB 155
FM3CE13 178.42MB 36
ForceMod III Classic Edition Expansion Version 1.2 309.62MB 323
Star Wars: Jedi Academy mod Revenge Of Jason Voorhees 42.7MB 121
ForceMod III Classic Edition Version 1.0 115.64MB 62
MBII Replacement Ahsoka Tano 31.41MB 409
Star Wars Episode III Palpatines Rooftop Version 2 17.41MB 954
Jack's Water Duel MBII 70KB 90
Jack's Crazy Race MBII 3.86MB 145
Jack's Hidden vs Visibles MBII 3.61MB 90
Star Wars Stances Animated Version 4 8.23MB 945
FFA MB Streets 3.81MB 161
Weper's JKA Pack 1.25MB 101
Star Wars: Movie Duels II Character Addon 32.74MB 775
Star Wars Chronicles Duels Pack 1 227.51MB 2,914
Star Wars Movie Duels Mac Install 51.42MB 272
Star Wars: Jedi Academy mod Movie Battles II RC3 Patch 4 - P2 & P3 Incremental 60.93MB 256
Star Wars: Jedi Academy mod Movie Battles II: RC3 Patch 4 - Full Installation 1.03GB 1,981
Jedi's park 47.6MB 176
JKNG Academia Morf 7.73MB 51
The REAL Scepter (v0.3) 291KB 698
Jedi Outcast maps for Jedi Academy 115.61MB 1,266
JA+ 2.4beta5 Patch 2.51MB 3,322
TFU Stance v1. final 9.34MB 1,762
TFU HUD 4.03MB 167
Sabers of the Power 0.1 Beta 3KB 373
Decepticons Cybertron 2.28MB 66
Equal Saber Mod 616KB 105
Calcs Desert City Beta 3 27.55MB 385
Jedi_Outcast_Data.rar 177.81MB 270 2KB 79
Sith Temple 9.82MB 1,660
Energy Polearms 1.88MB 101
Star Wars - Masters Of The Force Stances 8.23MB 206
Yaddle Remastered 3.57MB 34
Gold Saucer 2.73MB 63