Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy

The highly acclaimed Jedi Knight™ series returns as you follow the path of a new student at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy. Construct your own lightsaber, customize your character and follow an ancient...

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Free For All Griffinclaw's Jedi Council 2.0

This is a classic free for all map from Griffinclaw which was originally on the main GameFront site. It's the second version of the Jedi Cou...


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Modifications Stargate: Event Horizon v1.0

The mod contains 6 maps: Hatak Ship, SGC-Tokra, Atlantis-P4M1249, P3X1259, Battle Over Antarctica, and Daedalus x304. This mod also includes...


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Modifications For the Republic v1.1

Coruscant, Utapau, Kashyyyk - you will see a lot of planets captured by the CIS forces. You must to defend the population, save the cities a...


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Modifications Ultimate Academy v1.0

This mod features: - 10-14 hours of gameplay, depending on your skills. - 50 new modified conversion maps. - The best weapon, effect and...


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Modifications SoL_Skin_Pack



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Modifications WARMOD LITE (Beta)

The WARMOD LITE is Back with a Big Update. This New Version has new: - New Design (Mainmenu, Join, Create, Charaktermenu, etc.. ) - JA+ S...


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Modifications KOD Goodies

It will indstall the Fortress of The Unknown, KOD Academy, KOD Obstacle Arena and the saber Winterblade, all of which are custom.


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Modifications Neo Dark Ages version a3.16

It started out as a one man operation to do a simple graphical overhaul for Jedi Academy, with a fantasy theme. The plan was to throw in som...


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Modifications ForceMod III CE v1,5

The ForceMod III Classic Edition saga continues with this latest release. This version contains additional improvements including new Juyo s...


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Add Ons Lightsaber Cursor for Academy

step 1. open the zip file with winrar or winzip step 2. extract the Lightsaber cursor.pk3 file to your base file step 3. enjoy the lightsabe...


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Maps Levels Missions KOD Goodies

This will install my clans 3 current best maps and our new saber.


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Modifications FM3CE13A

ForceMod III Classic Edition 1.3A (Basic)


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Modifications FM3CEXP13BetaC

ForceMod III Classic Edition Expanded Version 1.3 Beta C


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Modifications FM3CE13

ForceMod III Classic Edition version 1.3 (Basic)


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Modifications ForceMod III Classic Edition Expansion Version 1.2

This is the 1.2 version Expansion Pack for the ForceMod III Classic Edition Series.


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Modifications Revenge Of Jason Voorhees

Sorry For That Loooong no new Files :D. Im Add Me Demo Named Jedi Human Costumization. More Information Down. Sorry For Me Bad English.


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Modifications ForceMod III Classic Edition Version 1.0

ForceMod III Classic Edition Version 1.0 which is new Module for the Jedi AcademySeries.


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Add Ons MBII Replacement Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano replaces luminara and asajj


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Maps Levels Missions Star Wars Episode III Palpatines Rooftop Version 2

DESCRIPTION: This is the Version 2 of the map "Palpatines Rooftop" in this version aremore bit XD, in personal are incredible play this map...


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Maps Levels Missions Jack's Water Duel MBII

Simple map, water, 2 boxes and one big, 1 secret included.