Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

The highly acclaimed Jedi Knight™ series returns as you follow the path of a new student at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy. Construct your own lightsaber, customize your character and follow an ancient...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
Griffinclaw's Jedi Council 2.0 32.11MB 46
Energy Polearms 1.88MB 101
Star Wars - Masters Of The Force Stances 8.23MB 203
Yaddle Remastered 3.57MB 34
Gold Saucer 2.73MB 63
Sith Academy Mod 819KB 145
CCT Spaceships 2.1MB 135
Kel'Dor Toran 3.75MB 21
New Green Alora V3 685KB 80
Imperial Assassin v3 4.03MB 386
New Alora 685KB 67
Undead Rosh 541KB 76
Green Sky Reborn 1.23MB 85
Industry 13.75MB 323
Dyno Hud (Jk3) 4KB 45
Kyle Jedi Master Options 2.78MB 53
MB2 Movie Shorts EP 1 & 2 46.05MB 130
Imperial Assassin v2 8.56MB 228
Mystic Forces Part 1: Behind the Scenes 98.53MB 297
Single Player Dark-side conversion mod 3.51MB 192
The Sand Man - Spiderman 3 576KB 95
Spider Web v2 53KB 71
Spider Web v1 234KB 17
Gnome Kyle 1.05MB 138
The Butcher Sword 1.14MB 221
Arena 1.72MB 65
Metal Gear JKA Theme 5.71MB 73
Valis Elensar V2 4.18MB 30
Cultist Reskin 2.16MB 160
Ghosts Zanpakto 1st Release - Cruel and Unusual Blades 1.07MB 362
AdZ's Force Mod 8.63MB 129
AdZ's Force Mod 8.63MB 453
Shadow Moses Island 4.48MB 627
Jhey's Complex 4MB 77
Less Annoying Console 12KB 48
Siege - Battle over Coruscant 69.63MB 2882
Jedi / Sith Chistori 1.91MB 332
Bara Tzu 6.54MB 165
Crimea 4.18MB 532
Rusty Bucket Bay 3.62MB 139
Black and White Kothos 967KB 43
Yavin 4 Academy Launcher 3.96MB 77
Better Game Effects 4.51MB 931
Jalrin Trimence 3.44MB 69
Team Forts! 19.67MB 132
Fart-ghri 5.32MB 47
Haps Stormtrooper v2 2.01MB 439
Battle Frying Pan 304KB 164
Throwable Saber Staffs 2KB 298
Kick Sabers 2KB 288