Amorphous Blob Productions Seeks New Staff

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Do you want to work on a mod? How about working on a virtual film instead? Amorphous Blob Productions ( is an award-winning machinima (video game film) production group. Our Jedi Academy films include “Showdowns: Episode I”, “Star Wars: Gangsta Rap: JKA Edition”, and the recent “The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth”. Our Counter Strike Source film “Machinima! With Officer Dan” was nominated for an award and screened at last year’s Machinima Festival in New York City. We are also an affiliate of We have some incredibly ambitious films on the horizon and are looking to recruit new staff for the following positions:
  • Voice actor
  • Skinner
  • 3D modeller (weapons, characters, map objects, vehicles, etc.)
  • Mapper
  • Concept Artist
  • Graphic artist –making promotional posters and art
  • Sound designer
  • Marketing –helping to raise hype
  • Animators / coders
  • Special effects editors / engineers
Our next Jedi Academy project is a sci-fi noir/thriller that takes place in a new unique universe (not Star Wars) that we created. Therefore, we are going to need a lot of custom assets. The movie is still in pre-production and we are in the process of hammering out a script. This short synopsis is the only plot detail we can release at this moment. Ceren, the mining world. The Matahari system’s only source of sanguine, the metallic ore that powers space vessels…. Following the mysterious disappearance of sanguine miners on Ceren, Denton Industries hires Richard Hawthorne, a “dark coat”, to investigate. Renowned for their brutality and expertise, these mercenaries roam the edges of space looking for pay. But Hawthorne is looking for something more. His return to his native planet forces him to face his personal demons as he begins to unravel a horrific conspiracy that threatens to ignite an interplanetary war of epic proportions. If you are interested please email us. Tell us why you are interested in joining our production group and send us some samples of your work (if applicable). If you have any skills to offer at all, send us an e-mail anyways because we can most likely use your talents. We hope to hear from you soon! Amorphous Blob Productions Team
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