Clan and Site Affiliates Updated

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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After several weeks lacking updates, we are currently caught up on all affiliate updates and additions. We apologize for the delay, however as you may have noticed we've had a slight backlog of files for the past few weeks. This is normal during the summer, however it did distract us from some of the other site maintenance issues, such as this one. Both files and affiliates should now be, for the most part, caught up. Once again, any update or addition request that has not been carried out did not abide fully by our Affiliates policies, which can be found on the Affiliate Program page. Any requests that were not carried out are welcome to re-request their addition once their site posts our button in an appropriate location! Also all affiliates no longer linking to JKFiles have been removed. If you believe your site has been removed in error, please let us know.

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