Elite Roleplaying JKA Stargate Server Up

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Published by Zach 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Greetings! The Elite Roleplaying group (www.eliterp.com) has been operating in JKA for quite some time now offering Star Wars roleplaying. After much planning and a long wait, ERA's Stargate division has finally launched it's JKA server for it's Stargate division! ERP: Stargate Forum: http://www.eliterp.com/erp/sgforum/index.php Announcement (With all needed information): http://www.eliterp.com/erp/sgforum/showthread.php?p=1569#post1569 On the ERP Stargate server, you can roleplay in any season you want! You can roleplay from the beginning of season 1 all the way to season 10 in the middle of the Ori conflict, or you can even go to Atlantis and the Pegasus galaxy! It's all up to you, there is lots to do and to see! So come, get your friends together and make up your own team and explore the galaxy! Step up to the gate soldier, you're going through! - General Enzo Aquarius On behalf of Elite Roleplaying (www.eliterp.com)
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