Enforced Rules on Texture Theft

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The plagiarism rules, created by JKFiles, spread through the network, and heavily enforced by our file reviewing team, will now be further enforced into certain areas we have labeled as "grey" and have previously given a little bit of leeway to. From this point forward, texture theft will not be tolerated by the JKFiles staff. This includes theft of textures from another author, or porting of textures from another game. We will be going through our archives looking for blatant theft and we will be removing those files. So if you see some of your favorite files are missing from our database, this is probably the reason for that. We will not mention any names, however we know of several files that are almost exclusively using textures from other games or other authors. How will this affect file submissions? Any author submitting a map with textures which are not part of the Raven game assets will be questioned about these textures if they are not mentioned anywhere in your read-me file. If you do not credit texture authors in your e-mail we will reject your file, as our guidelines have always said we will. This rule, which has already been in place, will simply be further enforced in order to better protect authors of original content as well as game developers. So what should you do as an author? Include all proper crediting for your maps, including relevant read-mes (yes, even just for textures). If you simply want to "borrow" one or two textures, rather than going through the hassle we simply suggest you create your own textures. If you are using custom-made textures, please state as much in your read-me or in your submission e-mail. If you say nothing about your textures, we will take a "better safe than sorry" approach and reject your map. We would like to thank all the authors who have been honest and consistent with their work. We thank you for making our jobs easier, and for showing your fellow modders the respect they deserve by giving them full credit for their own hard work. This information will be added to the submission page, so a thorough reading of that document should provide all the information you need to submit a perfectly legitimate mod with the least amount of hassle. To avoid public embarassment of any individuals here on this site, we will be closing the comments. We do not, however, want to avoid discussion on this policy if you wish to discuss it, so if you wish to do so you may either e-mail us or you can feel free to use our official forums for any discussion you wish to have. We ask, however, that should you wish to assist us by helping us find any maps with texture theft that you do this via non-public channels, once again to avoid embarassment of any particular authors. Thanks again! -The JKFiles Team
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