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Yes, I'm finally going to reveal the new reviewers! Yes, reviewer[b]s[/b]. it was a tough selection, even after narrowing it down to about 8 people. But I've finally made a decision, and after a whole school day to think about it, I can safely say that I am please with my choice. Please welcome [b]AmonRa[/b], [b]Dretzel[/b], [b]Syyrax[/b], and [b]SiLink[/b] to the team! Over the next couple of days, I'll be showing them the how-to around here, and then that file queue of ~15 files should clear up in no time! To the applicants who didn't make the cut, no sweat, there's always next time. Some of you [i]did[/i] qualify, but there wasn't enough room. (Such as Rets and Joker87, to name two.) Well, that's all. Enjoy, and congratulations to our new reviewers! ~Crazy Assassin [i]Edit: Due to a problem with communication lines and with me not thinking before acting, Shrödinger is not being fired after all. Sorry to everyone, and to Schrödinger himself.

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