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A message from the Elite Roleplaying group:
Are you tired of constantly fighting in JKA? Do you love the Star Wars Universe, and would like to investigate the possibility of roleplaying in it? Well, then perhaps you should take a look at ERP - Elite Roleplaying! Formed in 2003 and pioneering RPing in Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, ERP was, at one time, a large RPing group containing dozens of members. We have since lost some, but we are still going strong and would like to reach out and start getting some new people in. Our Star Wars Server is set in the KoTOR Period, but we use our own storyline. Having been developed for almost 2 years, it is deep and rich, with many characters and storylines intertwining. Nonetheless, there are plenty of opportunities awaiting you in ERP. We have many forms of Administration and Council, all of which have room to expand, and our storylines always have room for another character. So drop on over to the ERP Forums at, and register today!
Make sure to drop by and give their forums a visit if you're looking for new JKA roleplaying opportunities!
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