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This is a review sent in from jedioutcast571@netscape.net. Thanks for sharing it with us! Can't wait to see more.
The Comic-Con is back here in San Diego, and for the first time, Lucasarts has a booth, and they have the next few games coming out, avialable for demo play, the FULL games, not the demos. They had KOTOR, Jedi Acadamy, Rogue Squadron 3, and Galaxies. I played JA and RS 3. The games were unfinished, but were all like 97% complete. Well, I know you are all anxious for the info, and there is alot 2 tell, so, sit back, pop a bottle o' bub, and dont :sleep: . This info was found directly thru the official Jedi Acadamy game, and thru some producers that were on hand to answer questions. I am writing this to help you all out. Most of u may know the obvious stuff, but read it all. If you dont believe me, well, wait till the new release month, August, as far as I know, to see if im wrong. Ok, first, the game engine is almost the same as JA. Which means that that havent rewritten the engine, which means the cheats are the same. Devmap, or helpusobi1, the god still works, giveall, etc. The spawn also works. You can spawn n e ppl from Outcast, or Acadamy. Desann? yep. A rancor? Yep. The main menue is almost the same. The character customization? Pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. There are colors for skin and saber, and there are the following models currently in there, more may be added, bt a programmer for acadamy says prob not. The models r:Kel DorHumanRodianTwi-LieckZabrak (Darth Maul's species) :eek: The saber hilts? Awesome. Games start, you begin with 1 saber, and u pick a choice of like 5 hilts. Later in the game, about 1/2 way, you may get a saberstaff or double sabers. In my opinion, saberstaff isnt that good, Its pretty good, but notgreat. Double sabers? HELL YEA!!!! They are awesome!!!! I was given the cheat for them as more of a preview to the game, and they are sweet! I will be the first 2 tell you all that the best atack? Both attack and alt. attack buttons pressed at same time.Single Saber- A good forward combo of attacksDouble Sabers - The sabers fly around you for a sec, killin lots o ppl.Saberstaff - Good 4ward combo, devestating to n e thing. The double saber code, i think, is (go 2 console) saber saber_4 saber_1 But they said they might change the code for it b4 release. Backstory-You are on ur way 2 the acadamy on yavin 4, when ur transport's engine blows, and u crash. You and some other looser have 2 get to the temple. You go along, saberin down trees for bridges, fightin these creatures that make a loud sound as an attack, and if u r 2 close, it paralaysis u. Once yu go along, and fight some 2 stormies, and some dark jedi, you find some sithlords in a cutscene tryin to "harness a sith energy", says an acadamy programmer, who told me alot. (I have like 7 things goin every sec on my mind bout this game, lol). You they pass out, and wake up later, and are questioned by Kyle and Luke. You then have ur choice of missions. Some i remember are a mission called Droid Recovery, where you go 2 tatooine, and u have 2 find an r2 droid who belonged 2 some trader who used it 2 record a conversation between pirates about a sith cult, but in a panic, he sold it. There is some others, but i dont remember offhand. Saber specialitiesThere are so many new saber elements to this game, it makes outcast look lik Jedi Knight, saberwise.Single saber - nice new moves, standard saber styles (yellow, blue, red). The special is above.Double sabers - Many rotating moves, lots of widespread damage. If you de-ignite both, and hit throw, it uses just 1 saber, but only blue stance, If u switch stances, the other one comes upSaberstaff - very hurtful, has a special stance just for saberstaff combat.All of these have a forward jab that is pretty much as hurtful as the DFA. If you roll forward and hit attack, you roll and then jab toward the crotch. Force powers - Absorb, does the same as JO multiprotect," "heal, splians self, but lvl 1, you have 2 stop and meditate.mindtrick, leaves u invisibledrain, same as JO multi, cept you go up to the enemy, grab their eyes, and suck their life force,rage, same as JO multi, cept it dont hurt ur life, but u gotta recover.lightning, well, u know, its better in JA than in JOgrip sweeter :naughty: you gan grip, then chuck ur saber at that person, and even continue to grip the corpses :lol: Known characters...Well, Luke is back, and so is Kyle. When you train about 2 lvls in, ur "partner" in one arena, unleashes some kinda jedi trainer bot on you. Its easy 2 kill. Kyle yells at him later for it, sayin "If that jedi trainin droid was set to skywalkers lvl, it would killed him!" (him bein you)And guess what? Memba Tavion? Shes back! Im not sure specificiaially, but i heard many possibilies from lots of lucasarts JA producers, and in a saved mission, one objective (a tab key press) was to "Kill Tavions minions", so either tavion loyalists, or tavion herslef, is in it. Chewbacca is in it, and so is possibly Han and Leia. Chewy mentions them when you encounter him and the M. Falcon, so you might see them, i dunno tho. Also, when fightin rancor, stay away so he cant grab you, or else he eats u. Well, I hope this info helps you JA fans. I know its helped me out, actually playing Jedi Acadamy!!! OMG!!!! When i wasnt lookin round convention, i was playin Jedi Acadamy. For the Rogue Squad' 3 fans I will share just a bit of the brief time I played on that game.
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