EXCLUSIVE: LucasArts and Raven Answer Your Jedi Academy Questions!

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Published by Astyanax 17 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Greetings all. Most of you should recall that I put out the word some weeks ago, announcing that I'd been granted the opportunity to ask some questions of Ronda Scott, Internet Community Relations Specialist for LucasArts, and the rest of the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy development team. I received a lot of great question ideas, and passed them on to Ronda on June 16th. Kenn Hoekstra, Project Administrator at Raven was gracious enough to answer many, though not all of the final questions I submitted. I submitted more questions than I expected to be answered, so that he could pick and choose what bits of information they could reveal, rather than leave me short-handed if there was too much that was still secret. We do have some GREAT new tidbits of information that oughta step up the frenzy of anticipation another level. And so, without further ado, let's examine some new Jedi Academy material, shall we?
Star Wars JEDI KNIGHT: JEDI ACADEMY QUESTIONS Q&A for jk2files.com June 16, 2003 1. Not much has been said about Jedi Academy multiplayer, aside from the new Siege game type and the scripted events. What can you tell us about multiplayer that is a step beyond Jedi Outcast? Adding the dual sabers and the saber staff combined with all the new moves for the single saber, and all the new acrobatics really makes the existing multiplayer modes whole new games. There is a whole lot more variety in attacks, defenses, and strategies. For example, if you are knocked over in a game, the player who knocked you over can try to stab you while you are on the ground, but you will be able to roll left, right, forward, or backwards to get up and out of the way. If you get up while he’s still trying to stab you on the ground, he can be in a whole lot of trouble. 2. Can you give us an example of a new Force power, besides the already mentioned Foresight, and possibly one example of the effects of combining two Force powers? Force Drain is one. If you choose this dark side power, you will have to gain health by draining it from your enemies, rather than being able to heal whenever you like with the light side Force Heal. You can combine force speed and force jump into a long jump that’s pretty impressive. 3. Since multiplayer scripting is now available, will it be possible to script missions similar to those as exist for the singleplayer game, yet playable in the multiplayer world and thus cooperative? A very rudimentary level could probably be made with scripting alone, but there are many other things that go into a single player level that the multiplayer code does not have and therefore it is not very feasible to make cooperative missions. 4. Since it seems that multiplayer scripting is a part of the new engine, can you tell us if the AI presences available in the singleplayer version will also be available in MP? For example, can my multiplayer clan map have two Rancors guarding the entrance that respond to my password, or something along those lines? Things along those lines will be possible. 5. It has been mentioned elsewhere that one method of combat balancing is achieved by not allowing the player to use Force powers that require the use of the hands when battling with double sabers. Can you tell us any more about saber style balancing, especially in the context of saber-only (no Force) combat? That isn’t correct. Players can use force powers when battling with any sabers. The saber styles have different strengths. For example, the Dual sabers have more moves for battling someone at a distance since they have slightly longer range attacks, but he saber staff has more moves for close up combat, such as kicks. Of course, no saber is ever useless in any scenario. Also, many of the attacks with any of the sabers have a portion of the move where the player’s defense is up, and a portion where he is open for attack. The trick is knowing when to attack and when to hold back. 6. Will all the great new singleplayer NPCs (Tusken Raider, Jawa, Trandoshan, Chewbacca, etc.) be available to everyone in multiplayer, similar to how Jedi Outcast operated? Yes, Jedi Academy’s multiplayer character system will be very similar to how Jedi Outcast operated. Last time I checked there were over 40 multiplayer characters to choose from including the thousands of variations available through our custom character creator. The Jawa, unfortunately, is not one of the choices. All of the characters are humanoid size for play balancing issues as the Jawa is a much smaller target. A special bounding box would be needed because of the way GHOUL 2 molds the bounding box to each character’s form. Playing as a Jawa with its smaller bounding box would give players a distinct advantage. 7. Is it fair to assume that there will be both male and female versions of all races? Male and female versions of all races are not available. You will be able to choose between Human male or female, Rodian male, Twi’lek female, Kel Dor male and Zabrak female during the character creation process. 8. Will saber colors only be selectable from a limited number of 7 colors as in Jedi Outcast, or will there be RGB color sliders, providing more color options, as circulated in some mods? The saber colors are pre-generated to correspond with those seen in the movies or other official sources, including blue, red, yellow, green, purple and orange. 9. Are the blue-yellow-red saber stances different for each saber style? That is, if I learn how to wield a single saber, will learning the three stances for the saber staff be a whole new experience with new techniques? The new sabers are their own saber stance, and there are new moves for each of the single saber stances. 10. One article mentioned a Wampa Ice Beast biting off a player character's head. Can you comment on the increased level of violence in this game and the potential for realistic dismemberment, especially during saber combat? Jedi Academy, like Outcast, will likely get a Teen rating from the ESRB. I’m not sure where the Wampa character decapitation thing came from, but basically if it’s violence you haven’t seen it in the movies, you probably won’t see it in Jedi Academy. 11. Do saber strikes on certain body parts affect damage differently? Yes. The GHOUL 2 code allows us to code specific damage into various body parts. The torso can absorb the most damage, generally speaking, and the head the least. 12. Many enterprising modders extracted the "emotes" from the Jedi Outcast singleplayer game and made them available in multiplayer. Is there a possibility this time around that you will be offering these emotes as a de facto part of the multiplayer game? We’ve given each character their own unique multiplayer taunt this time around. 13. The music of Jedi Outcast was taken from the soundtrack of the original Star Wars trilogy. Will music this time be any different? No, it will be the same Star Wars music you know and love. 14. Can you give us an example of a previously unmentioned vehicle that we will be able to drive? Jedi Academy features the Swoop. http://www.starwars.com/databank/vehicle/flaresswoop/index_eu.html I don’t think that’s been mentioned to this point. 15. Do you believe that Jedi Academy will be expansion-friendly, thus opening up the possibility for official expansions to the game, or have things not yet been considered that far in advance? That decision is up to LucasArts and hasn’t been made at this point.

AmosMagee will work these answers into the JK3 FAQ very soon. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Ronda and Kenn for granting us this inside look, and I invite any development team members to view the comments below for the ensuing feedback to these answers! Astyanax
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