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So, as per my agreement with the network staff, I shall now present my public apology for the delightful debacle that previously resulted in me suddenly disappearing for the rest of 2008: "On September 28th, 2008, the Sith Lodge map, made by Revan4evr, was released into JKfiles. I nuked the poor thing, despite my better judgment, and honestly, looking back, yeah, I think I could have done better, especially for a manager o_O. That was my fault, and I apologize for going *that* far. I admit that was just plain old meanspirited, versus satirical. I'm cool now, so don't be afraid to send your files through here. In fact, do it. NOW =_= I demand entertainment." There you have it. My second public apology to JKfiles (The first one has long since been destroyed,) community, or rather, a specific member of that. Man, I'm such a dirty little troublemaker =_,= *wrings hands* - Averus Retruthan

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