G(lactic) F(ighting) F(orce) MOD

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Hello, we have a brave new Idea for a mod that uses the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game and the Q3 engine. With this mod we plan to make an RPG style of play that promotes high action combat along with a story line that engages the player it’s kinda like the combination between knights of the old republic and academy so it’s just perfect :) . For now this mod will only be 50 missions , but may be expanded much later on down the road depends on our team. This mod will not take place inside the Star Wars Universe, but in a world that is much like it. Within this world there are three main races, aliens humans and robots although it sounds plain and simple it far from it these 3 races are new very complicated the humans for instance are more enhanced using implants and other improvements in order to survive their enemies , the aliens are more like the predator from aliens vs predator and the robots are a combo between the trade federation from star wars and the borg from star trek that said remember that they are not like those examples but only based on some lvl on them. This allows some freedom and imaination for our modelers and scripters. My partner (dartman) and I have formulated the skeleton of what we would like the main plot of the game to follow: Two Twin Brothers fight on opposite sides, but have no clue the other exsists. Each born into their own faction they we're raised in the heat of battle and have quickly each become the best with in their given side. Both are agents that fight to further the cause of defeating the opposite faction but are unaware of a new threat that will arise against both of them. The player has the option to choose to play either brother, and a unique third option to play as a freelancer that can eventually choose to team up with either side or simply play for their own gain. There are plenty of missions from each faction and as a freelance + bonussecrets.. Features: A unique combo between role playing game and third person action with a possibility of a first person viewsystem as back if needed Multiple fighting styles and combinations gunswordunarmed (melee,weapons) Be good bad happy or sad you are choosing how to behave with the Freelance system :) If this sounds good and you can’t believe it will ever be released (like the force mod) THINK AGAIN You got my word on it (it is worth much around here) It’s already 5% done we have made some stuff :) But if you love the idea and can find some time to be dedecated to our cause then please JOIN NOW! And help us bring this shit to the community :D Ps. Were looking for everyone!! (we are only 3 people…)
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