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Okay, recently we've been having a few issues with file uploads. It seems there's a little confusion regarding the system, both on the end user side and on the staff side. The staff issues with the system have already been addressed, so in this news article, we'll field a few of [i]your[/i] frequently asked questions. Be warned, I'm going to write this like a total whackjob, because there's a wee bit of bad news at the end. If one of us has to play the Grim Reaper, the best we can do is try and put a humorous spin on it. Laughter is the best medicine, so on and so forth....
[b]1) Developer Profiles, and dev names....[/b] There's been confusion regarding developer profile names lately. Some of you may have noticed, some may not have noticed, but the developer profile feature has been implemented - accessible by clicking the developer's name above a file review. Unfortunately, some developers have their files split across multiple profiles, which is quite messy, no? Oh my! However shall we fix this? Never fear, the JKFiles staff are here! In order to combat this, we'll need your help. What you can to do help resolve this issue, is to always submit your files under the same name, even if you go by a different name now than you used to. This is so that we can group all your files together in your developer profile. Now, you may be thinking, "But I want my dev name changed! I go by a different name now!". Well, if this is the case, we can help with that. Instead of simply starting to submit files under a new name, email us at team (at) jk2files (dot) com using the email address attached to your dev profile, and we will happily change your dev name for you, provided there are no problems - if there are, we'll email you back and try and resolve them. After we email back confirming that we've changed your dev name, simply start submitting files under your new dev name and shazam! If your files are already split between two dev profiles, contact us and we can start trying to work it out. Please ensure that you can prove that both profiles are yours, for obvious reasons. Also, side note. Dev profiles are shared between the entire network. So, you only need to have your profile changed once. For example, if we renamed the profile 'Kouen' to 'TehKouen' on JKFiles, then went and looked at my SWBF2 trainer download page (ahhh, shameless plug! :eek: ), then that page would name the developer as TehKouen too. Shared profiles. Simple as ABC. :o [b]2) Working email addresses....[/b] Please ensure that you use a current, active email address, preferably the same one attached to your dev profile. Otherwise, if we need to contact you regarding your files, we cannot do so. Also, the above comment about dev profiles applies here, too - if you wish to change the email address attached to your dev profile, instead of simply starting to use a new one, please inform us of the change of email address so that we can update our records, in case the staff ever have need to contact you. [b]3) Rejection emails....[/b] We've been asked, repeatedly, about rejection emails. Some people don't seem to receive them, and are left wondering why their files never appear on the site. Let me tell you... that can [i]really really suck[/i]. Bottom line is, files are never rejected without an email being sent; in fact, it's literally impossible for this to occur with the new upload system. The main reason you may not have received a rejection email, is that many email providers will dump them in your spam or junk folders due to them being sent out by our server via PHP script. If you have submitted a file to the site and it has not been validated, and you did not receive an email, then first of all, check your spam and junk folders. If you still can't find the rejection email, please email us at team{AT}jk2files{DOT}com, and we'll work towards getting the issue resolved for you. Oh, and for those who did receive rejection emails, please note one thing: once the reasons for rejection have been resolved, feel free to resubmit your file(s).... especially if it's just something silly like you forgot to include the pk3 or something. Because let's face it, that's happened to all of us at least once. ;) [b]4) Submission status page....[/b] You can keep an eye on the status of your submissions using [url="http://jediknight3.filefront.com/upload/?action=status"]this handy page[/url]. If you see "rejected" on the status of one of your files, raid your email inbox. This deserved an honorable mention, as many users are unaware of this feature, and it [i]is[/i] very useful. [b]5) Third-party submissions....[/b] We have received several complaints from mod developers, regarding instances where their files have been submitted here without their knowledge or consent. Before submitting works you did not create, please make sure you have the permission of the developer to have the files hosted here. [b]6) Multiple submissions for files and PotDs....[/b] Basically, we only need one. If there's a problem with your file, we'll let you know. However, since we work on an oldest->newest basis, by resubmitting your file your making your submission newer than it was, thus pushing it further back in the queue. What I'm trying to say, is: momentai. Hakuna matata. Take it easy. Everyone's files will get processed as soon as humanly possible. So. Chillax. No need to get grey hairs. There's three thousand PotDs in the archive. That's a hell of a lot of page load, and if we have to browse over a hundred copies of the same PotD that we validated last week, it makes it harder to pick from the ones that have not been validated. So, please. We only need one copy of your PotD. Spare a thought for the poor unvalidated PotDs eagerly awaiting their chance to shine. They need that chance. Food prices have gone up, if they don't get their 24 hours of fame, how will they be able to afford to feed their little baby PotDs? :( Well. You get the point. Relax, everyone's submissions go in the pot, and while PotDs are a lucky dip, everyone has an equal chance. Submitting the pic more than once won't help your chances, really, and with files it's a non-issue since reviewing is now a lot more efficient and so we can get more done than we could under the old webmail system. [b]6b) Files submitted by webmail....[/b] Yes, we did receive them. ;) [b]7) Last one, I swear! Today's site errors....[/b] Unfortunately, you'll have noticed that the errors on the site still remain nine hours later. Until these errors are fixed, file uploads are halted. We can validate files as normal, however they will not be accessible due to the errors. We also don't know if there'll be any side effects to validating files while the server's busted, so between myself, Averus and Jose, we've decided that it's best to wait until everything is working again before playing around with the file submissions, since if they misfire.... well. Y'know. That would be bad. Rest assured that we will be back on duty the moment the errors are fixed. We apologise for any inconvenience, and I'm sure I speak for all of us - staff and community - when I say I hope the server troubles are fixed as soon as possible.
Okay, hopefully that will clear up any confusions you may have, and answer some of the FAQs we've been receiving lately. If you have any other questions, niggles or doubts, we're available to address them so don't hesitate to ask. Simply shoot an email off to team{AT}jk2files{DOT}com. Au revoir, pour maintenant!

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