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Published by The_Crazy_Assassin 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Yep, it's that time you've been expecting and fearing. Starting right now, and ending next Saturday at 12:00AM EST, I will accept applications for file reviewers. There is currently only one opening, but if I don't see an increase if activity from our other reviewers, that number may change, if you know what I mean. Before you run off and click the apply to volunteer button, some things you should know. Rules -Must be able to write competent reviews in proper English. -Must be able to review at lease 3 to 4 mods in a week. -Must be capable of getting along with others. -Must have JKA, JKO, or both. -Must be willing to commit to JK3files for an extended period of time. Don't apply if you're only going to review for a few weeks at the most. -Must have a decent means of contact other than Email or forums. (Instant messenger such as MSN or Xfire.) Expectations -Nothing is perfect. Be prepared to deal with problematic files and people. -Quality means nothing. It doesn't matter how ugly that skin is, if it meets the requirements listed for mods, it gets accepted, and that means you review it! -People don't always agree with you. It's true: everyone has their own opinion, and it may differ from yours. Don't be surprised if people disagree with a review. -Facts may be disputable. There are times when a reviewer might have their facts wrong. Usually, people leave comments explaining this. Expect to get information wrong now and then, and be prepared to accept people's comments on it. If you feel you meet the requirements and can handle being a reviewer here, go ahead and apply. Funny, as of completion of this article, I have received applications from three people: 1 friend, 1 vague acquaintance, and 1 new person. That's it, enjoy, and good luck! ~Crazy Assassin
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