Jedi Academy Grades

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Report cards are in for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and it looks like JA is passing with flying colors! Several reviews to share with you here and no one gave JA less than a B+! As with most reviews, this one focuses mainly on the Single Player part of the game and only barely mentions Multiplayer. And in spite of the critic being less than thrilled about the graphics and sound, they gave a JA 91%! Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy PC Review (from Jaden writes home, telling his/her parents about the Jedi Academy in this review. Clever way to present a review, I like it. Though they gave the lowest grade, a B+. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Review (from This review goes into a lot of detail which makes for a very long read, but also in-depth. They really seem to take their game reviews seriously. ;) Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Review (from Okay, wow. This is like, the longest JA review ... EVER. The critic was definitely thorough and detailed in his assessment of the game. Being a fan of SW and SW games, he seems to compare JA to past SW games. And overall, I'd say he liked it, giving it a 95%! Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Review (from For a review that covers everything from gameplay and graphics to appropriate content, this is a fairly short piece. Overall, the reviewer liked the game and gave JA a 94%! Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Review (from And finally, another B+ goes on record for JA. The critic here wasn't impressed, but does agree with most others that the game is still fun, in spite of it's all too familiar look and feel. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Review (from You can always keep informed of any new JK3 updates by clicking on "JK3 News" on the left menu. ~Amy
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