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Greetings, everyone: As Jedi Knight community members, many of you have had the opportunity to see grow from nothing to a major provider of JK2 gaming servers in a very short space of time. In less than three days, we have set up and launched over 20 new game servers for the all new Jedi Academy! Those of you who are already familiar with our pricing may be pleased to know that the SAME low rates are offered for our Jedi Academy servers. 6 Players: $19.95 per month 8 Players: $24.95 per month 12 Players: $29.95 per month 16 Players: $36.95 per month 24 Players: $49.95 per month 32 Players: $64.95 per month THERE ARE NO SETUP FEES. We're excited to provide these servers, and we think you'll be amazed at how new levels of excellence in one-on-one real-time Customer Service can be achieved. Try a game server today! Also, we'd like to point out that a few copycats have popped up on the Web recently, thinking they can accomplish what has taken blood, sweat and tears to offer successfully to the public. Be sure of a robust infrastructure and powerful Customer Service before you buy! Accept no cheap imitations. We're here to stay and we'll give you nothing but the best. Get your game server from the the ONLY hosting provider meant for you! Astyanax Founder,
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