Jk2Files is hosting a saber hilt modeling contest!

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Published by Zach 13 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Are you a budding modeler? Or are you just wanting to mod something? Or are you an experienced modeler wanting something to do? Well, the staff at Jedi Knight 2 Files has decided to host a Saber Modeling contest! So what do you do in this contest? You download the tools necessary, if needed, then you make a saber hilt, get it into the game, then submit it! That’s it! Tools (click to view): -GMAX -MilkShape 3D -Lightsaber Crafting Tutorial Rules: -You can only submit one saber hilt. -Submit your hilts like a regular file, except with “CONTEST HILT” preceding whatever you were going to have in the subject line. -Submitted hilts must be unique! This means no remakes of Star Wars hilts (for example) -You may only submit one entry, so make it your best one! -YOU must make your hilt. If your work is plagiarized, you will be disqualified. -You may provide promotional screenshots with your hilts. -Please keep your hilt tasteful. Anything with sexual references or anything equally distasteful will result in your automatic disqualification. Judging: Each hilt will be looked over by each reviewer, and each reviewer will choose one hilt. Whoever made those hilts are winners. After those winners are chosen ALL hilts submitted for the contest will be posted. After the winner is chosen the Grand Prize winner will decided by you through a poll. What does the Grand Prize winner get? A free six month FileFront fastpass! The contest will start November 10th and the submissions will be judged on December 10th. The final will be announced on January 1st. If this contest is successful we will host more contests, including (but not limited to) sword modeling, and mapping contests! We look forward to seeing your hilts! Also, if you need any help at all, we encourage you to visit the Modding and Editing section of the FileFront forums. ~The Jk2Files Team
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