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www.galaxiesmod.com 3 Years ago a team of players began work on a Multiplayer RPG mod known as JKA Galaxies, as I am sure you can guess it was intended to be based on the online RPG game 'Star Wars: Galaxies'. The mod was under construction for over a year and was looking very promising. Unfortunately due to real life situations changing for some of the team, they went inactive and the mod drifted away and was not spoken of since, until just this past week. Sith-J-Cull a mapper and the original idea man for the mod returned to JKA. After some conversations with him, we have revived the mod and begun work. This will basically be designed as a MMO in JKA, you live like a real person in a real world. You can travel to other planets (tatooine, coruscant and many more). You can go the pub and play a game of cards, you can earn money for your bank account, you can do speeder races, and who knows what else. [color=red]If you have any ideas you wish to contribute, or think that you've got what it takes to join the development team, then let us know on the official JKA Galaxies mod forum.[/color]
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