JKFiles Manager's Picks #1

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JKFiles Manager's Picks
Greetings visitors of JKFiles! This week we're starting something new. A look back at the site's past, at some of the mods which may have been long-forgotten to modders, but still have that special something that make them worthwhile! We call this section the "Manager's Picks". The site Manager and Vice Manager will be listing some of our favorite older mods which most of you may have forgotten about, or maybe never saw at all. Each week we'll each list five new mods for you to check out. So let's get started! Below are our picks for this week, ranging from early Jedi Outcast mods, to some more recent forgotten Jedi Academy mods.

Inyri's Picks

Mod Name: Samus Aran Author: KMan Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: Poor Samus seems to have been forgotten over the years. The lead in the ever-popular Metroid game series, Samus Aran has seen her fair share of enemies, but she's here in Jedi Academy to duel yours. If you're a Metroid fan and somehow missed this dazzling beauty of a model give it a look now. You won't regret it, I'm sure! After all, what's cooler than a hot chick in body armor fighting the forces of evil? If only I was as successful as Samus!
Mod Name: Melee Mod Author: Slice, Dice, & Mince Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: I'd download this mod just for the blood effects. In fact, I have. It has new weapons, it has tough enemies, and it has BLOOD! Lots and lots of blood! If you want a ladder mod that'll leave you with two bloody stumps and a broken ankle you've looked in the right place. Use it to test your skills or use it in multiplayer for a gory experience. Either way this is a mod that, even in almost three years, hasn't quite been beaten.
Mod Name: Jedi Knight Eris v2 Author: Eris Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: This is still one of my favorite reskins, and as you all know I don't even like most of the prequel models. This really gives a great variation on one of the community's most beloved models, and I don't really think it ever got the attention it deserved. If you want your Obi-wan in all different colors, with bunches of customized robes that go beyond the simple recolorations we're used to seeing, then this is the skinpack for you. It is the ultimate Obi-wan. If you're still using the basic Obi-wan you need to get with the program, Mister!
Mod Name: Team Corellia: Part 1 - Corellia Author: Kengo Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: Oh. My. God. If you have never seen Team Corellia, get off your duff and download it, and dedicate a few minutes to watching it. It's not a playable single-player mod, but rather a "movie" created from cutscenes. And it's totally hilarious. I mean I just love Kengo. Who doesn't? Er, anyway, the mod! It's great! Anybody who missed this back in '04 will be happy they caught it now.
Mod Name: Greyfox Author: ksk_h20 Game: Jedi Outcast Download: Click Here Description: Probably one of the coolest and most used models out there, this one would definitely be in the hall of fame, if we had one. Not only does it stand on its own two legs as an awesome-looking model, but it is shaped in such a way that makes it perfect for reskinning, making it ideal for community use. And I'll tell ya I've seen the good and the bad on this model! Definitely worth a look if you somehow missed this one!

Zach's Picks

Mod Name: Raiden Author: graves Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: While I don't think the Raiden model has really been forgotten, I thought it would be a good idea to bring this old model back into the lime light. Raiden is a very high quality model made by Graves. Raiden is apparently from the game Metal Gear Solid, but here Graves gives us a model based partially on Solid Snake and Dante. Well worth a download.
Mod Name: Wrecked Alien Spacecraft Author: Jadogoth Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: Here we have a rather old and fun map that is based on a wrecked alien ship, as if you couldn't tell from the name of it. Anyways, expect fun times as well as lots of suspense while playing this map, I hear it's really spooky. :)
Mod Name: Star Wars Saga Ultimate Hilt Pack Author: Broken-Hope Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: Ever wanted some new sabers? Well actually, this is a rather old pack of sabers, but it's a big pack, and has lots of sabers to choose from. This has classic sabers, as well as some more abstract sabers. A very nice pack of sabers. :)
Mod Name: Covenant Elite - FINAL Author: agentJ64 Game: Jedi Outcast Download: Click Here Description: Love halo? Love the Covenant elite model? If so, then this is for you! This is the final version of the Covenant Elite model made by agentJ64. There are several color variations in it as well, so you can choose your color! So for Covenant Elite lovers, this is must to add to your collection.
Mod Name: Otoh Gunga - Gungan City Author: ShroomDuck Game: Jedi Outcast Download: Click Here Description: Do you like gungans?If yes, great, if not, great. This is a great gungan map made by ShroomDuck. And as you can tell by the name of the map, it's Otoh Gunga! It's too bad that it doesn't have bot support, but it's still a cool map that you should download!

Watch next week for some brand spankin' old spotlights! Until then, keep submitting your own new mods, which could be featured in... a couple years! ~JKFiles Management Team
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