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JKFiles Manager's Picks
Greetings visitors of JKFiles! We call this section the "Manager's Picks". This section will give you a look back at the site's past, at some of the mods which may have been long-forgotten to modders, but still have that special something that make them worthwhile! The site Manager and Vice Manager will be listing some of our favorite older mods which most of you may have forgotten about, or maybe never saw at all. Each week we'll each list five new mods for you to check out. To view previous Manager's Picks, please check the following:

Inyri's Picks

Mod Name: Hydroball Author: Kirt Game: Jedi Outcast Download: Click Here Description: Hydroball was always a favorite among many Jedi Outcast players. It adds a whole new style of gameplay, after all! What's cooler than that? It's a mod not to be missed for Jedi Outcast fans, and Jedi Academy fans can find a version for their game on the site as well. Search for it!
Mod Name: Sunset on Coruscant Author: rgoer Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: Some maps just never grow old. One look at this duel map from 2004 will make you a believer too. The brilliance of Coruscant is painted almost perfectly in this small duel map, something that is difficult to find even today!
Mod Name: DKS Forest v1.1 Author: LordWraith Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: One of my personal favorites, this map is really quite original. Featuring grassy slopes, ruins, fancy-lookin' teleporters, and plenty of cliffs to fall off of, it makes a great fighting map, filming map, hanging out map, or staring-at-with-awe map. If you missed it make sure you don't pass this one up! It's not a map type you're going to see every day.
Mod Name: Deamon Knight Author: Almighty_gir Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: What's better than a good Star Wars model? A good non-Star Wars model. Don't get me wrong, I like a good Star Wars replica, but after a while they get dry and repetitive. Creativity is called for, and creativity is what we get here. And some very skillful and unique creativity at that! This "knight" could very well make you wet your pants if you happened to meet him on the street, and he might do just the same for your gaming opponents!
Mod Name: Anakin Skywalker Author: Kevin Coyle Game: Jedi Outcast Download: Click Here Description: If this isn't one of the most popular Anakin models I don't know what is. The download count will attest to that. Not only is it popular, but it's good. Probably one reason it gets reskinned so much! So while you're filtering through all your Anakin reskins, why not give the original a look? You may discover all those reskins were completely unnecessary.

Zach's Picks

Mod Name: Owl City Author: OWL Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: While this is a city map, it's full of detail, and space to explore. You'll have lots of fun exploring this map. Like a good roleplay? Well, then it's time for a nice city roleplay in this fun little map. Download this map and enjoy some city life...without the hustle and bustle of a real city!
Mod Name: Bespin Towers Author: DeTRiTiC-iQ Game: Jedi Outcast Download: Click Here Description: Here we have a rather old CTF map, but who doens't love a good CTF map? This one certainly looks like it's worth the download. Once you download, expect a good fast paced CTF. Be warned, there's no bot support, so you better find a friend to play with.
Mod Name: Master Chief Author: David Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: While this may not satisfy the hardcore Halo lovers, it will certainly satisfy those who are less picky. Want a Master Chief skin but can't find one? Look no further, because this is a nice skin of the Master Chief. Enough to satisfy those casual Halo lovers.
Mod Name: Tron Author: Lehm Game: Jedi Outcast Download: Click Here Description: Now I can say that I only know of Tron because I play Kingdom Hearts 2, and I must say, this does resemble Tron. While the model might not resemble him, the skinning certainly rings a few bells in my head. A nice skin that should be dragged out of obscurity.
Mod Name: Cyborg Author: Chairwalker Game: Jedi Academy Download: Click Here Description: While this might not look to be a pleasant model, it can certainly be said that it is unique. I just want to use this skin for a little while and cry out "Resistance is futile". Anyways, a very unique model that should be brought to everyone's attention again.

Watch next week for some brand spankin' old spotlights! Until then, keep submitting your own new mods, which could be featured in... a couple years! We want you! Please e-mail your suggestions for Manager's Picks to the JKFiles team and you may see your suggestions featured next week! ~JKFiles Management Team
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