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I'm assuming this plea for help from asgWULF is regarding some JKA stuff (maybe JK2). In any case, here's what he's looking for:
With Final Fantasy 10-2 out I am once again interested in Final Fantasy. While there are two FF models (Cloud and Sephiroth), that I know of, and both are very good, I feel there should be more made. Which is why I am reguesting assitance-what I need is not much-just enough to get me started- I need: 1. A ms3d ghoul2 exporter of a ms3d 3dsmax exporter. I am using ms3d as of now-I have been unable to locate a 3dsmax download. 2. Sound files for Rikku and Yuna. (If that's even possible). 3. And for you FF buffs-screenshots of Rikku and Yuna from the front,the back, and both right and left sides. I appreciate any assitance- Thanks, asgWULF
If you want to help, contact asgWULF at ~Amy
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