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Starving for a bit of news, some new tidbit or morsel about the game, fans can now feast upon an official “fact sheet” straight from LucasArts, 25 new images of models, screenshots from the game and some “wallpaper”. I’ve even added four old articles that seemed to have slipped through the cracks. Hey, when we promised you’d get everything related to JK3 here, we meant everything. Here are four new …er … old articles for those who need to read everything available about JK3. Sometimes articles do get lost in the shuffle, but if we come across them even at a much later date, we’re gonna post ‘em. So here you go … enjoy some rehashed old news. An article from way back in April when LucasArts first announced news on the game. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Preview (from This next article was also written in April and also features a rewrite of the press release. However, the writer gave a bit more opinion and speculation, which makes some parts of it, an interesting read. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (from A short article, written just before the E3 show is showcased here. E3 Jedi Academy Preview (from And finally, here is a well-written, long preview on the upcoming Jedi Knight game. Of course, it’s from May, so there’s nothing new here, but it’s a decent article anyhow. Jedi Academy Preview (from And now, after that annoying little appetizer of articles you guys probably don’t care about – onto the meat and potatoes of this report: the screenshots. LucasArts shared with us three concept sketches that include hairstyles and clothing types that one will be able to choose from for a female character, some hilts and a shuttle. Some renderings of the new models that will be available in JK3 are featured here. You’ll find images of Chewie, a Wampa, some hilts and a female Zabrak, just to name a few. Also there’s a small, medium and large version of a “wallpaper” image showing a Jedi-in-training either backing away from the Rancor, or preparing to attack the beast – you decide! Then, of course, are the screenshots from the game. There are twelve in total. Some give you an up close view of a few creatures, a few depict some Jedi in action and others show the details you can expect to see in JK3’s maps and landscapes. Images: Thanks to LucasArts who went out of their way to directly send us all of this great news and the wonderful images. So, you want more? Well, we’re just going to have to wait for LucasArts to serve us up another generous helping of screenshots and info. Hopefully it won’t be a long wait. I think we’re all starting to get hungry again. You can always keep informed of any new JK3 updates by clicking on "JK3 News" on the left menu. ~AmosMagee
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