More Problems with YouSendIt - Time for an Alternative

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As much as we would like to, we can't guarantee our staff won't get backed up during busy submission periods. This becomes a problem when, as much as we hate it, it may take more than a week to get to a file. This invalidates YouSendIt e-mails. In order to keep uploads fair, we have a "work from oldest to newest" policy, however when this causes YouSendIt links to expire, we feel bad... So we are introducing an alternative to you that we all hope you will take advantage of. This is a FileFront website, so please consider using FileFront's upload space to upload your files, if they are too large for e-mail. These uploads are permanent, free, and you may upload up to one gigabyte, so it makes a much better alternative than YouSendIt. All you need to do is register, and you can begin your uploads. Now you may be saying "If I can just upload to FileFront directly, why should I submit here?" Well the answer to that is that we get more traffic here at JK2/JK3Files that your individual hosted files will, so having your file on our download list is still a plus! Keep in mind, however, that the same submission rules that apply here apply to FileFront's uploading service, if theirs are not stricter. Do not upload anything illegal or stolen. I hope this helps all those who find YouSendIt to be an unsatisfactory method of sending files. I hope to see more folks taking advantage of FileFront's generous service!
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