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Published by The_Crazy_Assassin 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm Metaguardian and I'd like to let you all know that we, the Mb2 team and community, are going on a publicity spree to spread the word about the Moviebattles II modification and get more players in the game. As avid players of Jedi Academy, many of you have, at the very least, heard of this mod and many of you probably also play it. We are calling on YOU to post on your favorite game forums and tell all your friends about the mod! If you think you can help, please visit and post your interest. Below is the official template for publicizing Mb2. It includes a write-up for Moviebattles, along with some screenshots and trailers (copyrighted by Metaguardian & Moviebattles Team, 2008): ------------ Dear *magazine/website*: I am writing this email to inform you of a mod called 'Moviebattles II' for the PC game, Star Wars: Jedi Academy. Moviebattles II re-creates the famous duels and galactic battles from the Star Wars movies and Expanded Universe with team and objective based last-man standing combat, detailed maps and three different game types. The mod featured in the 'Top 100 mods' competition held by MODDB and has a large following amongst the Star Wars community. On behalf of the Moviebattles II team and community, I write to you to request that you publicize the mod *in your magazine/on your website*. I have attached below a write-up explaining Moviebattles and a short selection of screenshots and trailers that showcase the mod's gameplay and new release content. Your contribution to the mod would be really appreciated. Regards, *First name & surname/gamername* ------------------------------------------- Have you ever wanted to execute Order 66 on the Jedi Temple? Have you ever wanted to defend Tantive IV from Darth Vader and his legions of stormtroopers? Have you ever wanted to duel Anakin Skywalker on Mustafar for the fate of the galaxy? Moviebattles II is a multiplayer total conversion for the PC game, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, that lets YOU re-create the famous duels and galactic battles from the Star Wars movies and Expanded Universe. From the jungles of Yavin to the urban sprawl of Coruscant, this mod pits up to 32 players against each other in team-based, last man standing combat across over forty maps. Moviebattles uses an objective-based system, where one team defends and another team attacks one or more objectives in five minute rounds, ranging from guarding and escorting Non-Playable Characters (NPC’s), such as R2-D2 on Tantive IV; planting bombs; destroying objectives; and capturing objectives like ‘slicing’ the throne door of the Naboo palace from The Phantom Menace. The Moviebattles team has changed most of the original aspects of Jedi Academy, with only a few of the original gameplay features remaining. The arcane 'swing-spam' combat of the unmodded game has been replaced by lightsabers with blocking and precise hit detection. There are three toggable lightsaber styles, each with their own strengths and special attacks. The lightsaber system also includes meters for both force pool and block stamina which depletes as the player intercepts incoming blaster and lightsaber attacks. While accessible to beginners, the depth of the saber system means that it takes time to truly master. The physics of the guns and force powers have also been significantly altered. Guns from the original game, such as the E-11 blaster rifle, now fire lasers at high speed, and the mod has also added twenty new weapons, such as blaster and sniper rifles, grenades and melee weapons, all featuring their own destructive capabilities. For instance, thermal detonators disintegrate anyone within the blast radius, Arc twin pistols can fire bounce shots around corners, the WestarM5 Arc Blaster Rifle features sniper add-ons or a launcher firing EMP pulse grenades that ‘stick’ to players and Mandalorian wrist flamethrowers incinerate players until they roll to smother the flames. Similarly for force powers, fan favorites from the original game, like Force Push and Force Lightning have been enhanced, while new force powers like Force Destruction, which fires a destructive ball of force energy at enemies, and Deadly Sight, which damages any opponent in the user’s line-of-sight, have been added. Moviebattles further achieves total immersion in its battles through the incorporation of both first and third-person point-of-views for gunners and saberists, and hundreds of selectable character models and lightsaber hilts. Moviebattles has three main game types. These are Open mode, Full Authentic mode and Duel mode. Open mode prioritizes balanced, class-based battles between heroes (soldiers, commanders, wookiees, arcs, clone troopers, heroes and Jedi) and villains (soldiers, commanders, super battle droids, droidekas, bounty hunters, mandalorians and Sith). Players assign points to select from the weapons and specialized gadgets or attributes available to each class for battle. The mix of classes and characters gives Open mode a sandbox element across the various maps of the mod. Players can put their favorite characters into unusual situations and play out scenarios, like what if stormtroopers had fought against the clone army on Geonosis or Darth Maul had been there to defend the Death Star. Full Authentic mode limits players to choose pre-determined classes, with character models and point selections fitting the map to authentically recreate the main battles from the movies (e.g. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. two droidekas, droid commanders, maintenance droids and generic droid soldiers on the Trade Federation cruiser). Duel mode pits players against each other to relive specific duels from Star Wars, as either individuals (e.g. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader on Cloud City) or small groups (Chancellor Palpatine vs. the four Jedi at his office on Coruscant). But Moviebattles doesn’t end with Star Wars. A recent addition dubbed the ‘Movie Game Map Pack’ extends Moviebattles outside of Star Wars offering players the opportunity to re-create some of the fight scenes from other games and movies, such as 300, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Jurassic Park and Alien. Moviebattles has a close-knit community playing and supporting the mod. There are almost fifty servers in locations around the world hosting the mod, so everyone can enjoy a good ping. iPGN hosts a 32-slot Australian server (IP is Budding mappers from the community frequently release custom maps and FA set-ups. One group periodically releases a ‘Community Map Pack’, which has grown to include over thirty maps, such as Geonosis Arena, Endor and Echo Base. The community also holds tournaments and the European Electronic Sports League (ESL) has a ladder featuring over ten teams, for those who like to take the game more seriously. Moviebattles offers a unique Star Wars gaming experience unlike any other current Star Wars game or mod. To find out more and download the latest version of Moviebattles II, visit! Screenshots: Videos: TRAILERS: 'mbt00, frag highlights video':
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