New Affiliate - Asociacion Española de Mappers

17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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We are happy to announce the Asociacion Española de Mappers as a JKFiles affiliate. For those not familiar with spanish, that translates to the Spanish Association of Mappers. For those who find spanish to be their primary language, and find tutorials and explanations in English not cutting it, make sure to visit AEM to get all your mapping questions answered. If you only speak English, though, you may want to look for an alternative! But wish our Mexican, Spanish, South American, and other Spanish-speaking brethren all the best of luck with their own mapping endeavors. - Asociacion Española de Mappers We would like to remind everything that if you wish your website or clan to be featured as an affiliate, simply e-mail us with all pertinent information, including a short description of your site to be put in a news announcement. Please note the difference between [b]description[/b] and clan or site [b]history[/b]. For more information visit our Affiliate Program page.

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