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We would like to announce a new clan affiliate - The New Chaos Assassins! A short description of the clan below:
A while back a clan merged from the remnants of solo players and clan dropouts. This clan soon came to be known as the Chaos Assassins. This was mainly built around the two leaders, Raven and Fraction(BloodyClown). They combined Raven's ideas for a clan and Fraction's previous clan and ideas. Raven had an idea for a clan name with Chaos in it. During this time, Fraction already had the second part of name in his clan, Assassins. Raven and Fraction were friends at the time and decided to finally work together and combine both of their ideas, therefore creating the Chaos Assassins of the summer of 2006. The clan started off pretty weak, having no server or a site with a single domain. Sooner or later, Soral, previously in the DreadKnights clan, decided to help the Chaos Assassins. He provided a decent server with a site that had one domain, "". Their clan started to gain power with new members joining and gaining a reputation from the other clans. Some people liked them others disliked. Fraction often misrepresented the Chaos Assassins by admin abusing not only SZ lamers and people that raged him, but Raven as well. Raven soon thought of something to do to save their reputation. He got Soral to range ban Fraction, not only from the server but from the site as well. Since this clan was created over the height of the summer, Raven went on vacation for a week. Upon his return, Soral quite the game and ruined the Chaos Assassins. Yet, one leader was not enough. Soral ran the server and the site, but now that he was gone, it made everyone feel a great loss. They had lost a provider, a leader, and a friend. Raven then was struggling to keep them together. Fights tended to break out between two of the members. Members threatened to leave because they decided to no longer be friends with their clan members. These signs were obvious signs that the clan was about to break up. Before the summer of 2006 was over, the clan had died, lasting one and half to two months. Now in Jan. 2007, Raven comes decides to try this again but with new concepts creating the New Chaos Assassins, using the name Chaos.
We would like to remind everyone that you can apply to become a JKFiles affiliate yourself. For more information on how to become an affiliate, check our Affiliate Program page, or our Clan Affiliates page. We look forward to all new applicants, and we give a hearty welcome to our new affiliate!
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