New Mapping Tutorials: A must for beginners

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After about a month of being founded, JA mapping source has started to grow and produce some nice tutorials, which are a must for beginners. Below is a list of some of the Tutorials: (Which are very easy to follow.) - First room basics (rooms, windows, doors, lights, skyboxes) - Elevators useable by buttons. (Without scripting) - Simple Elevator (Made out of a func_plat - And how to insert custom textures into your maps Other than the tutorials we are currently hosting our users mapping projects. So sign up and post about your mapping project in the ‘Your Projects’ section. Our team and the other users will then give you advice on how to improve your map or mod. There’s also a guide for beginners, and what you need to get started in the ‘For Newbies’ Section. If you’re having trouble with your map or Radiant, there is the help section so we and the JA community can help you with your problem to the best of our ability. The Mapping Objects section will allow you to submit and receive; textures, prefabs, shaders, and sounds for all of your mapping needs. -JA Mapping Source
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