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I received an e-mail about a Role playing group. This is what they had to say:
Greetings to the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy community. This message is to tell a little about ourselves – the basic introduction from us, ERP, to the role playing community. Our background: Elite Role playing (ERP) began in September of 2002, based in the game Star Trek: Elite Force. We were the first role playing group for Elite Force, and still continue to do just that – role play. Throughout the months and years, we’ve grown and improved into what we are today. Server problems, hacks, and n00bs have failed in any chance to bring us down. We have over 70 members on our member list - many have come, some have left. We’ve been able to stay stable and continue to be unified as a group by upholding a steady government and keeping good administration. We will continue this way into other communities, such as Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Our goal: In Elite Force, we strive to bring the most elite role playing experiences possible – the best experience; it will be our goal in any game we role play in. In Jedi Academy, we hope to open up an area of role playing not yet fully touched, to provide opportunities for Grade-A role playing and fun. To uphold this elite experience, ERP was and still is strict about accepting members – only taking in those with potential. Everyone who follows our rules is allowed on our server, but only those with the potential to become an Elite Role player are accepted into our group – so this may be in ERP: SW, eventually. At this time, we feel it isn’t wise to be too exclusive from the very beginning. It is important to establish a strong user-base before "closing the door", so to speak. Why: We’ve expanded to Jedi Academy for a simple enough reason. The Elite Force community has just about reached the limits of its engine, and it is time to expand to other role playing communities to keep the group strong. Have a question? Read our FAQ at want to give our server a try? Read the rules ( and connect to (server name: ((ERP Public Server)). Comments? Want to join? Visit our forums at Thank you for reading and happy role playing. See you on the server! - Elite Role-playing: Star Wars Division Team
if you are a person who likes RPG you should definitely check this group out.
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