Orbitius is Back with a New Project

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Like some of you might have heard ØRßìTíus™ announced that he was going to quit mapping for Jedi Academy but here he is back with some announcements.
There has been a change of plans. About a month ago I decided to quit mapping for JA and enter the Doom3 single player map contest run by www.Levelsource.com . Since then I've decided that I don't have time to learn everything I need to know to map for a new game right now. I still wanted to work on something though, so I'm back at JA mapping. I'm currently working on the third instalment in my "Imperial Raid" siege map trilogy. The third and final siege is currently titled "Imperial Raid 3: Rough Waters". It's going to be a very large "oceans cape" map with two focal points, a very large detailed Cargo Ship and two Oil rigs. It’s going to be driven by vehicles. Also, my good friend Hatrus is planning on showcasing several new vehicles for this map, never seen before in JA, or the SW Universe for that matter. Vehicles include: Speed boats, Mini-subs, and Harrier jets. If all goes as planned this should be one heck of a project. Progress: The map is coming along nicely. The oil rig is done, and I have the cargo ship built and textured, although a lot more needs to be done with lighting and shading. As for the vehicles, I assume Hatrus is working hard day and night to get them done. The final map should be released sometime next month. ØRßìTíus™
I’m definitely looking forward to this project. If you want to see all of Orbitius previous work and progresses you can go to www.orbglobal.tk
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