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You may wonder during any given day what takes us so long to get files up. The simple answer is that we reject more files than we post, and each rejection itself can take longer than to simply upload a file. Why do we reject so many files? Because submitters seem unable - or unwilling - to read and follow the submission and plagiarism guidelines. Take into consideration a few things when you are submitting your next file: Did you do all the work? So you're reskinning a model someone else created. Just think of how you would feel if it was your model, and someone reskinned it, and didn't bother even making a note that you did most of the work! Many people don't realize how much work is involved in real modding - I'm not talking about tiny modifications, but modelling, mapping, and real texturing. All of these forms of modding are very involved and take a lot of time and effort, so if you're going to splatter some paint on someone's hard work, the least you can do is give them the recognition they deserve. After all, we wouldn't have your recolored skin without their work in the first place. Put yourself in the other person's shoes when you submit a file, and remember: without them, where would you be? Did you triple check your file? Sending in a file and then telling us "Oh, I forgot to credit someone" isn't an excuse. We'll reject it, because we have to. We're very interested in protecting the interests of the honest, hard-working modders. This site is here for them. If you do your work, and give credit where credit is due, you have nothing to worry about. You'll be one of the JKFiles family. Remember, triple checking also goes for your content! Make sure it works before you send it to us - sending us a file that doesn't function like it's supposed to will also be rejected, and when we spend 20 minutes checking your file, only to find out it doesn't work, that's a waste of everyone's time. Do you know what the guidelines are? If you don't know what the guidelines are, find out. Not knowing is not an excuse. Trust us, we don't like rejecting work. It is a waste of our time, and a waste of your time. So do us - and yourself - a favor, and read the rules before you submit. You'll be happy you did, and so will we. Be aware that if you intentionally plagiarize a file, we will find out eventually. If you continue to do it, you can and will be blacklisted from JKFiles! We absolutely do not want to do this, so follow the rules! Check out the guidelines! Submission Guidelines Plagiarism Policy Good luck, and happy modding!
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