POTD: Judgment Day

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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As of late, the POTDs have taken their toll on my patience, and for a number of you, yours as well. However, my fuse is shorter =_,= So, as a taste for those who don't really understand how bad POTDs can truly get, I've lined up a few POTDs from Thursday-Saturday of this week, August 21-23, to show you some of the worst crap we can truly get. Partial vengeance, partial learning experience, I call it. On Saturday, I will be calling an important poll to get the community's opinion on retaining or shutting down the POTD section. This is an important poll for the site, so I suggest that you make up an opinion and cast your vote. The following week will help determine the fate of the POTD section. Should we decide the POTDs must die, I'll put a "default shot" there, and all POTDs submitted from that point on will be deleted. Should you think the POTDs must live on, well...hooray for the status quo? Regardless, I figured it would be a valid idea to inform the entire community, as I'm sure some of you are too disgusted/passive to bother looking at the POTD and/or its comments. - Averus Retruthan, JK3Files.com Manager

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