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I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of JKFiles' plagiarism policy. This policy is put in place to protect both you and our past modders that have submitted material to our site. Many of our submission guidelines may seem harsh, but their are designed to protect our users, and to lessen the amount of time it takes us to review a given file, increasing the efficiency with which files are posted to reduce the time you must wait to have your mod posted. It has also come to our attention yesterday, thanks to a user who brought this to our attention, that a particular file posted earlier this month was a partial but direct plagiarization of the Revan Dark hilt pack. Please understand that if you plagiarize, and especially if you are discovered and deny it, you will be found out, and we will take measures to prevent this in the future. We take rips and plagiarism of our members' works very seriously and we will do whatever we can to ensure our users' works are protected. Please remember, however, that we can not always prove plagiarism within our staff. If you believe a file of yours has been plagiarized, please e-mail us (either at our staff address or our individual e-mail addresses, found in our staff profiles) or contact us on MSN with proof that you have created the mod (or part of a mod) in question and we will work with you to rectify the situation. Please do not make a spectacle of any mod in its comments, as not only is this an abuse of our commenting rules, but it provides us an extra hassle that will not only make your issue take longer to solve, but it will also cause us a large amount of stress which will affect the way the site is run and how fast files are put up. Please remember, even if you feel you have been wronged by another user, that issues should be dealt with calmly and privately. Everyone who plans on submitting mods to us should please refresh themselves with the following pages: The majority of files we receive have some issue in conflict with either our submission guidelines or our plagiarism policy. This discourages us, as we feel both of these pages are very clear. We hope all future submitters will read both of these pages before they submit their file, ensuring it will be accepted and posted promptly! ~JKFiles Staff
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