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This reminder is directed at PotD submitters. I would like to remind everyone of a passage located on the PotD submission page:
Uploading inappropriate content such as discriminating or pornographic material may result in your username and IP being banned.
In the last week I have seen multiple instances of users uploading Pictures of the Day featuring illegal game content. This counts as 'inappropriate content' and we will never put it up, so please don't submit it. We are also not above banning users who ignore these warnings, even though we do not want to be forced to do so. Please don't test our patience. I would also like to remind users that there is absolutely no reason to send a PotD more than once. If you are unsure if your image made it into our validation queue, do not send it again! Please simply ask me. Having multiple instances of one image can lead to confusing and duplicate postings of one PotD. If we see multiple instances of one image we will delete them, and we can not guarantee that we won't accidentally delete all of them, so please only submit your PotD once. Thank you for your cooperation. The JKFiles Team
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