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The first thing I'd like to say is that thanks to some of our new dedicated staffers our inbox problems are effectively solved and the inbox is back to normal levels! There should be no more backup of files and everyone should have their files posted with a day or two from sending. Yay! --------------------------------------------- I would also like to remind everyone that we are still accepting applications for reviewer positions, but in light of some recent applications I've received I'd like to make some suggestions to better improve your chances of making it onto the team. Let's cover the basic reviewer requirements, which are roughly the same for each site on the network: -You must be able to write in legible English. For JKFiles this means you must have a basic grasp on spelling and grammar, comparable with what would be expected in a high school English class. We don't strive for absolute perfection, but we do expect a reviewer or potential reviewer to be able to express themselves in a manner that is easily understandable. -You should have a basic understanding of how the game - and its mods - function. We like it if you have some modding experience, but it absolutely not required. However you should have some basic ideas on how a PK3 works and how certain mod types are put together. This helps tremendously with reviews and helping submitters who are having problems, and the more proficient you are the better your chances of getting accepted. Just remember, though, that no decision is based on one skill alone. If you're not good with that kind of stuff don't fret - we can always teach you. -You should be able to critically analyze a file. If all you can say about any file is "that's cool" or "that's pretty" or "that's ugly", ask yourself if you would really be helpful. You should be able to actually analyze a file - JKFiles is prided on its full-length reviews and we don't have any plans to stop doing so at any point in the future! -You should have enough time to dedicate to the position. This means if you have a full-time school schedule, several extracurricular activities, or anything that keeps you occupied most of the day for more than 4 days a week you should not apply. We can not take people who can only review on weekends because then we would have a backup during the week. We're not biased against students because they're students, but because they are busy. We don't want your grades suffering because of the site, and we don't want the site suffering because you decided to apply even though you did not have the time to give to it! -If you are under 18 years old, you must have parental consent. If you are a minor and your parents would not approve of you holding this position, please do not apply. -You should be mature enough to handle the position. JKFiles reviewers, as well as reviewers on any other network site, are in positions of public trust and are in the public eye. If you can not behave in public you should not apply for the position. We can't babysit reviewers who are continually misbehaved, nor should we have to. This includes how you express yourself in your reviews, the file comments, and the forums. -You should not apply for the position for any other reason than wanting to review files and assist the community. I will repeat myself. If you have ulterior motivations, such as fame, glory, personal gain, or anything along those lines, do not apply. Also do not list any of these reasons in your application or it is likely to be ignored. We do not want to accept reviewers who apply for self-serving reasons. Those are some basic guidelines you should consider before you decide to apply for the site. Remember, JKFiles is a high-traffic file host. If you're an avid gamer who plays for 8 hours a day after a 6-8 hour school day you probably won't have time to upload any files! If you apply just to say "hey look at me, I work at JKFiles!" you are not only doing our staff a disservice, but you are doing the community a disservice as well. So if you still want to apply let me give you some suggestions for your application, since I'm the one reading them: -Don't put the following anywhere in your application: "I want to be a reviewer because it would be cool!" -- This is a self-serving reason. If that's the only reason you want to be a reviewer you should reconsider. "I want to be able to see files before they are released." -- This is an incredibly self-serving reason and is an abuse of our system, to be frank. "I want to join because you said you needed staff." -- This sounds like you feel obligated to join and don't actually have personal interest in the position. "I want to improve my skills." -- Once again, self-serving. "I am applying because I am bored." -- This isn't a job for those who are easily bored, as it tends to get very boring itself. I almost immediately reject people who indicate they get bored easily. Some other suggestions. -If you say in your application that you have excellent spelling or grammar I expect your application to be flawless in those areas. If you are not perfect with spelling or grammar please don't claim to be. The only time I care is if you make false claims. However if you can't spell a complete sentence without making several errors you probably shouldn't apply. -Don't list clan experiences or server adminship experiences as a method of convincing us to accept you. We can not corroborate this information, and even if we could it is really not very impressive, and they indicate you have less spare time. In fact I am not really that fond of clans so you are better off not mentioning them at all... just in case. -Use the "about" section to tell us about yourself. You are trying to convince us to accept you, but you shouldn't make it sound like an advertisement. Just be honest and tell us about your strengths and weaknesses. Don't try to sell us with a bunch of information we can't prove. -If you're really serious about the position you need to follow up your application with me in one way or the other. I read all applications but I don't go out of my way to get in touch with people unless their applications are absolutely stellar, and I haven't received any of those yet. If you want the job, prove it. Come talk to me and sell yourself to me (preferably in a way that won't annoy me). If you have a bunch of those MSN emotes that are flashy words and things you are better off removing them or turning them off - they are grounds for immediate rejection, as I refuse to work with someone who causes me to have a slight seizure every time I need to talk to them. It sounds harsh, but they really do hurt my eyes... -In connection with the above note, if you're going to talk to me on MSN and want to get a position, use complete words. Using "u", "ur", or any other acronyms are a sure-fire way to turn off any recruiter anywhere. Just try putting those words on a college application! They are also never to be used in a review, so if you use them heavily in every day typing you may have difficulties reviewing anyway. -Even with all I have said above, just be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone else. If you're really suited for the job and you really want it, you'll get it regardless of everything I said above. So if you're ready to apply, just hop on over to the Apply to Volunteer section and send your application now! --------------------------------------------- Now for an important bit - I hope you've all made it down this far. JKFiles has had a policy change! It's not actually a policy change, we are just taking a stricter approach to an existing policy. You will notice when you go to post a comment there are several rules you must follow. Rule 5 states that there is "no attacks / retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members." As of late some of the regular comments posters have been becoming ruder and ruder toward our visitors and especially our PotD submitters and validators. This kind of behavior is unacceptable, especially toward the staff that give up their free time to provide this service to you for free with no compensation. As of today we will not tolerate any kind of negative behavior. You may criticise files and pictures of the day, but you must do so in a constructive manner. This means you may not go around saying "this sucks" and you definitely may not harass any members or staff directly. If you can not express yourself in a positive manner, even if you have something negative to say, then you will have your commenting privileges revoked. JKFiles is gaining a negative atmosphere and I don't like going around reading such negativity from everyone. From today on JKFiles will become a more welcoming and supportive place to post files and have discussion. You may or may not be warned if you misbehave, so do us a favor and treat your fellow community members with the respect you would wish to be treated with. --------------------------------------------- That's all for today! Of course if you have any suggestions to make JKFiles a better please feel free to e-mail me or post a thread on our forums! We are always happy to listen to constructive criticism, advice, or great suggestions from our members. We thank you for sticking with us during these past few months and we are happy to once again be able to serve you in a timely manner! -Inyri and the JKFiles Staff
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