RpG Destiny, in search of members!

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User-submitted news, submitted by JediMasterTyler14456. To submit your own news piece, please check our Submit News link. Looking for a roleplaying server to join? We have received an announcement regarding the RpG Destiny roleplaying group and they'd like you to consider joining their community for some futuristic Star Wars action!
RpG Destiny is a roleplaying community that is starting to become inactive, and we need more members. The head admins there are currently Skar and Capone, along with a firmly set admin team. This community has been going on for a few years now, and we have had some great role plays. RpG Destiny takes Roleplaying to the next level; it brings the deepest thoughts of Star Wars into play and it is one of the best servers around. It is a community where everything is fair, the admins are (relatively) nice, and you have many options for roleplaying. We are currently in a war setting, where military factions are flourishing. The Sith are annihilated, the Jedi are owned to death, and a new faction has arisen to lead, and destroy, the galaxy. It is called the Union, and it has all droids... no people. However, there is hope. The Mandalorians and the Federation of Independent Systems have begun turning the galaxy against the Union, but many planets have suffered the wrath of Doctor Psyche, and his team of the most evil minds in the galaxy: Rensai, General Exitium, and Doctor Palle. This takes place nearly 300 years after the Battle of Yavin 4. The end starts now. Make sure to check out our forums, join and play! Follow the rules, please!
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