SGEH TC needs vehicle help! Almost complete!

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Hello, I am writing this news article because i am really becoming desperate in my search for someone to get my SG spaceship models to work in game as vehicles. I cannot get 3ds Max 4, 5 and XSI Mod Tools just confuses me, so I really need the some awesome person out there to help the Sgeh become completed by getting the vehicle models i have working in game, please i hate to beg, but please! Ill be forever in your debt as it were, so please if your reading this and you can get the vehicles in game, please contact me or leave a comment. Thanks, Jack O"Neill Below is a overview of the Stargate Event Horizon TC from July 14th 2007. I would just like to finally say that Stargate Event Horizon, or SGEH for short, is around 85% complete. We have new menus, a huge expansive map containing the City of Atlantis, Stargate Command, Goauld Mothership, Goauld controlled planets, space, and the ability to pilot from planet to planet without loading screens. You are in control. Stargate weapons, including the P90, Zat Gun, M4 with grenade launcher attachment, Staff Weapon, Spaz 12 Shotgun, Goauld Stun Grenades and a Sniper Rifle and more to come in future SGEH Patch/Updates. Working dialable stargates, a new offworld to be built each month and released as a update, Ring Transporters! The list of great SG features goes on for ever. Create your own SG character in the profile menu, where you can select heads and clothes ect.. or play as a pre-made SG character, for example: Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, Samantha Carter, Dr Daniel Jackson! It really is simply amazing; even I the creator of the SGEH TC amaze myself as I love Stargate. I have just about every SG ship in model form, but I am unable to get them to work in game as working vehicles. I cannot download or have access to 3ds Max 4x or 5 and cannot work out XSI Mod Tools, so I am making a plea. Please someone could you offer your assistance and get these wonderful vehicles in game for SGEH TC, it will add a whole new level of gameplay to the TC and i feel its necessary. Please I beg of you! Thanks, Jack O'Neill
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