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User-submitted news, submitted by Gishank. To submit your own news piece, please check our Submit News link. A Silent Hill mod is in the works -- check below if you're interested in helping out!
This is a new mod I'm leading, at current it is merely in the planning stages, and we still need Mappers, Modellers/Skinners, and the like!

This mod aims to turn JKA, into Silent Hill, well, all 6 in fact, each with its OWN unique "Hell" varients.(Silent Hill 4: The Room is left out of this mod, aswell as the PSP variant and arcade games, as they're not True Silent Hills) namely;

Silent Hill
Silent Hill (Film)
Silent Hill 2 (Film)
Silent Hill 2: Directors Cut
Silent Hill 3
Silent Hill V

(*The Hell variants will be trigged and a siren will wail and you will descend into Hell, depending on which Silent Hill teleport you've used in the beginning the Hell will look amazingly authentic, however unique)

Alot of new characters and weapons are planned to be introduced, including their variants, some namely;

Alessa Gillispie (Yes, Jodelle Ferland will be included in the film version)
The Pyramid Head (Confirmed in the Mod, Skin/Model done by Kyross/LightSource)
Colt M1911
Colt .25
S.P.A.Z 12 Gauge
Combat Knife
Plank of Wood with a nail in.
Metal Poll

The original score by Akira Yamaoka will be included in this Mod.

Site: Silent Hill - A JKA Mod
Forums: Silent Hill - A JKA Mod :: Index
Current Team: Gishank(Project Leader)

We need more team members to make this a successful mod!
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