Staffers - We got 'em >_> (New Staff announced)

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Behold, as we've got 4 new staffers on the horizon. We had a huge slew of applicants in the pool. Over 20 some odd applicants sent in....and four were extracted from the cesspool of darkness. ANNOUNCING: Rets, T89T, Dommie Kun, and 'Laam'inui(lawd, competition much?) Theys have made it through the system, and I have officially dubbed them JKFiles hellions. Fear, and welcome their presence upon the site. They, combined with myself and NozySpy, shall form... [b]VOLTRON[/b] ....and the new JKFiles staff >_> Thanks to all those appers out there who showed their support and enthusiasm O_O I'm sorry I couldn't get more of ya in here, but the show, she must go on. *cracks whip* ONWARD. POLLS TO BE MADE! FILES TO BE SHOT OUT! KIDS TO SHOUT AT! - Averus Retruthan

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