Star Wars Realism Mod Seeks Staff

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There's a new JA mod in the works and is seeking staff.
Greetings, this is TK-8252, founder and leader of a mod called SWR - Star Wars Realism. SWR is a mod which adds more realism to Jedi Academy. When I first loaded up academy, ugh. Missing sounds all over in multiplayer, crappy skins and sounds, and basic n00biness on Raven's part. I've done the best I can to spice up both the single player and multiplayer aspects of the game, by changing NPCs, models, skins, sounds, siege classes, and effects. What the mod does: - Adds and modifies NPCs (see list for all new or modified NPCs) - Removes buggy NPCs - New effects - New sounds - New weapon skins - New skins for single and multiplayer - Fixed sounds for multiplayer skins - All Jedi Outcast sounds have returned - New Hoth, Tatooine, and Star Destroyer siege classes - Improves vehicles The SWR website is located at: There are SWR forums as well, which you can find your way to on the website. Currently, SWR is in need of a modeler who can put finished weapon models in-game, and an experienced C++ coder. If you are willing to offer any help, please post on the forums or e-mail me at Thanks for reading.
~ Amy
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